By: LeEric Brandenburg

What is Phytochemicals?

This is a substance found in plants that may fight diseases or cause other health benefits. This chemical provides the plants with protective odors and coloring, its also what gives the plant its taste.

How is it health beneficial?

Phytochemical are found in fruits and vegetables of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These fruits and vegetables have certain groups they are in, for example, Lycopene is found in tomato products which are red and it protects against cancer. Lutin is found in a lot more food than others because of the color group, orange, yellow, and dark green. Comin foods would be oranges, peaches, and spinach, which protects against age related blindness. Another good example is Allicin, found in white, tan, and brown colored foods like garlic and onions. These protect against cancers and heart diseases.

What fruits/vegetables should I eat more of?

Preferably all of them, a variety of these foods would be greatly beneficial to you health mentally and physically.