Colloidal Silver Benefits

Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver – Nature’s Own Healer

If I were to mention ‘silver’ to you, what would your mind conjure up? Coins, jewelry, Judas, medals, pirates, silverware? Maybe even photo voltaic cells.

But would you make the link between ‘silver’ and ‘medicine’?

If you do make the link, and especially if you have silver in your medicine cabinet, well done; give yourself a huge pat on the back. You’re ahead of the curve.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, join the club – a couple of years ago I hadn’t a clue either.

But now I’m a convert. Silver is TOP DOG in my medicine cabinet. Most times, it’s the first thing I reach for.

I use it daily: I drink it. I spray it on my skin. I snort it. I use it in gels. I nebulize it.

He needs locking up, I hear you say……but hang in there…..I’m not as unhinged as you probably think.

Our ancestors wouldn’t have been surprised, nor would they have thought it at all odd. The Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians would have been there with me, at the forefront of medicine without realising it.
They wouldn’t have had a clue what an antimicrobial, antiviral or an antibiotic is, but they sure knew silver killed off and controlled what we in the twenty first century know as ‘microbes’.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

These days we tend to use silver in the form of ‘Colloidal Silver’, sometimes called ‘silver liquid’, ‘silver water’, ‘silver colloidal’ and other similar names. Colloidal Silver is a suspension of nano particles of silver in distilled water, along with silver ions.
The particles are so small, some being the size of large molecules, and they stay in suspension despite silver being heavier than water.
Why is it important the particles of silver are small? Because the silver needs to work at a cellular level within us where microbes like bacteria and viruses hang out.
You see, silver is lethal to most microbes. Kills them off within minutes. To see what I’m talking about, google it.

Colloidal Silver Uses

So, what do we use Colloidal Silver Uses on? The list is long. Here are a few of the more common conditions people report success with:
Colds, flu, ear infections, strep throat, sore throat, tummy troubles, pink eye, athletes foot, acne, rashes, burns, ulcers, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections including pneumonia, prostatitis, sinus infections, gum disease, hay fever and other allergies.
More serious conditions include treatment of cancer, diabetes, HIV, arthritis, chronic fatigue, leukaemia, Lyme Disease, lupus.
Many of us down a couple of tablespoons each day as a maintenance dose.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

And I save the best for last. When used sensibly, Colloidal Silver has no known side effects and is totally non toxic according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. We can’t say that about most pharmaceutical drugs!
No bacteria nor viruses have built up a resistance to Colloidal Silver, unlike antibiotics.
People have found that Colloidal Silver cures conditions rather than just controlling them like a lot of drugs.
Finally, Colloidal Silver is safe. No one is known to have died from its use, unlike prescription drugs from which an estimated 328000 people are estimated to die each year in the US and EU alone. This doesn’t include deaths from adverse reactions.

Where To Buy Colloidal Silver

We can buy Colloidal Silver from health food stores and lots of places on the internet. I may be a slightly biased, but you can find a lot of information about Colloidal Silver and try it out at . See you there.