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September 28, 2015

English Skills Tests

Students took their first ELA skills test on Thursday. Be sure to ask your child how he/she did. (Students who did not pass must have their test signed by an adult).

Looking ahead to next week, our skills test will again be on Thursday (10/8) due to the early dismissal on Friday (10/9).

Science: First Quiz this Friday

Students will have their first quiz of the year on Friday. This quiz will be on plant cells (parts of the cell and their functions).

Social Studies Update

On Tuesday, we will be finishing up our first writing assignment of the year. It is expected that students will hand in their paragraphs by the end of class on Tuesday. Those who do not finish in class should be prepared to stay after and/or work on their own time to be sure that the assignment is handed in no later than the end of the day on Wednesday (9/30).

Also - our map mini-quiz, which was supposed to be last week, has been rescheduled to this Wednesday (9/30).

A Few Fun on the Farm Photos

Teacher Webpages

Some teachers have their own classroom websites. You may be able to find more information, links, assignments, etc. by visiting their classroom webpages.

NOTE - the password to visit all school websites is: Canandaigua

Mrs. Olvany is particularly good about keeping her website up-to-date with assignments. Click HERE to visit her webpage.

How to contact your child's teachers

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