Early Childhood Professions

Ms. Deb and Ms. "C"

Early Childhood Profession (Fall 2019)

We have huge celebrations in the E.C.P. room as we have given out over 100 state certificates to our students in areas of 1st Aid, CPR, Food Handler Card, Standard Precautions, Safe Sleep. These certificates allow your student to enter the early childhood workforce with certificates necessary for state licensing standards for employees.

This quarter is one that most of our students love. We will be entering our "baby simulation" unit the week prior to Thanksgiving break and will complete it the end of January. Students are not required to bring home the "baby' however, will be required to work with the "baby" during class time. More information to follow.

Special thanks are due the following students:

Session 1: Kielea Winder for taking initiative in our internship program.

Session 2: Norma Fuentes for her sense of humor

Session 3: Presley Rouse for stepping up and going above expectations.

Please remind your child that they will not be able to work in the lab unless they have passed the following expectations:

· Consistent attendance

· Excellent work ethic points

· Good academic grades

As always Ms. Deb is available via email at Debbie.Neill@d51school.org or after 2:30 via phone at 254-6000 ext. 21111.

Interactive Math Boards

Students in the Early Childhood Profession classroom are busy working on “interactive math boards” which they will implement with the preschool children in November. The goal of these boards is to teach the preschool children Colorado math standards using a “hands on” approach. Students have learned that they also are using a “hands on” approach to improving their own math skills as they have had to use a bit of geometry, proportions, and basic math facts in order to complete their boards for presentation. Each student also had to write a lesson plan and design a blueprint for their board prior to presentation.
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Simulation Babies

Something to look forward to and not to be alarmed is the ECP students will be taking care of our “simulation babies” in the month of November. It may get a bit noisy in the classroom with all the “crying” that will be going on.
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Educational Journey

September was full of projects. We recently had to write and present an art lesson plan to the Colorado Preschool at the Career Center.

Students learned that being prepared is a good thing when working with young children. We had interesting art projects which ranged from an "elephant with a moving trunk" to "finger painting letters of the alphabet".

The Early Childhood Profession students included professional vocabulary into both their lesson plans as well as their "hands on" presentation with the preschool children.

"Positive Constructive Feedback" was given to peers as they watched and shared their learning through this interactive project.

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Building Blocks

Did you know that you can tell the developmental age of a child by the way they play with blocks? Children at different developmental levels play with blocks according to where they are developmentally.

ECP students learned the importance of "Building Blocks" not only for the preschool children but also the importance of "Building" your classroom environment. A major fact they learned is that with a strong foundation of the "teacher/student" block you can weather the storms that are to come together.

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Interns and Theory

Interns are having fun applying their skills at Kinder Haus this quarter. They are observing "Gardner's Multiple Intelligence" first hand as they do research to find out whether or not they agree with his theory.

Students are required to write a research paper which includes a strategy called "Mapping" to organize their thoughts and move their paper into a project of pride. They are using their personal observations of a few children at Kinder Haus and applying them in the body of their paper making reference to seven of the eight levels of intelligence.

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