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April 5, 2016

Staff Spotlight: Donna Talley

Donna is the secretary to Lisa Cummings, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources. She has been in the district for 15 years. She can be reached by email and 489-7002. The easiest way to summarize what she does for each of us: she chronicles your journey in the Belton School District...take a look!

Her responsibilities include:

*Job Postings -- once a vacancy is created, she posts the position online to AppliTrack as well as other online databases. She also assists Lisa with recruiting needs. She collects the information, arranges for interviews, and consolidates the paperwork involved throughout this process.

*Contracts -- once a position has been filled, Donna sends you a copy of your contract and keeps it on file.

*New Staff Orientation -- she is the magician who ensures new staff get the information they need to transition into the district.

*Sick Leave Pool -- once you're on staff, you can contribute a day or request to access this pool by contacting Donna.

*Evaluations -- now that you're in the district, your evaluations may be done (certified staff) through Talent Ed...Donna is the one to contact for login information or other questions. She also records and files evaluations from other departments.

*Additional Advancement -- as your career in the district blossoms, you will most likely take courses or trainings which need approval. She can help arrange those for you, as well as answer questions about horizontal advancement, and check your course of study to ensure it is from an approved institution.

*Retire/Resign -- when your career in the district comes to a close, Donna is the one to contact. She will need a written notice with an original signature (not a digital one) in order to begin your separation process.

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Important Safety, Security, & Supply Reminders

*Please pay attention to the curbs near the Curriculum Center and Weights Room. If the curb is painted yellow (west of the fire hydrant in front of the curriculum center), parking is prohibited. We had a recent incident in which emergency services were called, and they were unable to pull into their location due to cars parked illegally.

*Random supplies, food, and drinks found in the large room of the curriculum center (and cupboards, closet) will be removed after April 19th. Please be sure to take what is yours and store it in another location.

*Outside doors should NEVER be propped open with mats, rocks, or other items. This is an extreme safety risk. In addition, do not let people without a badge into the building -- allowing others in the building is only to be done by office staff at the main entrances. Yes, it can get awkward. Yes, it may make you uncomfortable. Yes, it can be an inconvenience. But YES, this needs to be our protocol.

Thank you!

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The Face of Stress: Is It You In the Mirror? -- Wellness Update from Abby Carter

Educators are notorious for taking care of others before themselves - it’s practically part

of the job. But only the teacher that takes the time to care for herself can be emotionally

and professionally effective. If the list below is familiar to you, it’s time to do a stress


• Physical or mental exhaustion

• Excessive impatience, irritability or anger

• Lack of energy or interest in things

• Increased absences from work

• A feeling of being disorganized

• Reduced desire to listen to others

• Feeling ill or calling in sick more often

• General lack of resiliency

Check your stress with support of your Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Free and

confidential, you can walk away with a better understanding of your causes of stress

and steps you can take to return to happy and healthy. Call 800-624-5544 or go online

at Select “For Individuals and Families” and use BSD as your

company login code.

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