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Tips for Parents and Families of Rising Kindergartners

Vol.1, No.15

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This week's topic are STEAM and the kindergarten schedule. To see all the "Let's Get K Ready!" newsletters, visit the Kindergarten Ready website home page and scroll to the bottom.

STEAM...What's That?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. STEAM provides rich cross curricular learning. For instance, a simple STEAM activity of building a block tower provides opportunities for observation, questioning, prediction, exploring, and discussing the Scientific Method.

Observation- “This tower is tall, but I want to make it taller!”

Questioning- “How high can I make this tower if I arrange the blocks differently?”

Prediction- “If I put the big blocks at the bottom and the smaller square blocks at the top maybe I can build it higher.”

Exploring- “I will build a bunch of towers to see if my prediction is true.”

Discussion- “What worked and what did not work when you tried out building tall towers?”

How can you support STEAM learning at home? STEAM learning happens naturally everyday as children explore, play, and try new things. Parents can create an environment for STEAM learning by having everyday materials available for their child to explore like blocks, ramps, clay, scissors, tape, recyclables, stamps, sticks, rocks...anything to inspire your child to design and fabricate their own creations.

Most likely, your child will LOVE STEAM resource class next year and all the STEAM classroom activities. Because of it's hand on nature, children are extremely motivated by STEAM projects! It's definitely something to look forward to!

STEAM Shape Activity to TRY!

K Ready: Exploration in Shapes

STEAM Read Aloud by Lori Donovan

The Little Blue Bridge - Book Reading
Ology Website- American Museum of Natural History

Learn about the “Ologies” -anthropology, astronomy, etc. through videos, games, stories, and hands-on activities on this website. Other features include virtual museum tours, video trips through the universe, science quizzes & more.

Sample Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Below you will find a sample kindergarten schedule. It includes the main activities that happen during a typical day. Each CCPS classroom and K schedule will be slightly different. A consistent daily schedule and step-by-step routines make for a predictable day and help children feel in control and secure during this transition to full day school.

Take some time to talk to your rising kindergartner about what to expect. Also, realize that it may take a few weeks for your child to adjust to these new routines.

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Local Family Opportunity!

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CCPS Kinder Candids