Annual General Report

Service Civil International Hong Kong

7 Workcamps held in Hong Kong this year!

12-18.2.14 Capacity Building: Young People

We are organized a capacity building training for secondary school students in Hong Kong. We invited international volunteers to help us carry out the training. The seminar aimed to empower youth capacity in creativity, social cohesion, leadership and provide them a vision for the future. The program was a three-days-two-nights residential training. 25 participants from schools plus 5 staff members will participated. Non-formal education methods are used. Activities in these workshops include story drawings, invisible theatre, time charts, peer interviews, memory maps, mask making, hand prints, group writing and individual self portraits.

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11.4-20.4 Explore Hong Kong

International volunteers participated in activities students have designed and spend time with them. They took volunteers to see and experience different aspect of Hong Kong life. Volunteers visited some tourist attraction but more importantly had an opportunity to experience real life in a densely populated fast moving city in Asia. In return, volunteers shared their life story with young people in Hong Kong. Volunteers will talk about your own country and culture.

30.5-1.6.14 Plastic Hunting

The waste management in Hong Kong has developed so much yet space for landfills are running out. Plastic has ended up in the sea in the past and some of the costal area is full of plastic. Of course the public beaches are kept clean while the beaches in inhabited area are quite polluted with plastic. Our Plastic Hunting workcamp was held to educate the young people in Hong Kong about the effects of our consumption of plastic has on the environment. It is time to look back and reflect on how our buying habits may affect the global climate. Volunteers spent time collecting plastic on the beaches.

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29.6-12.7.14 Global Citizenship Camp – Human Library

Description: This workcamp is part of the "Mapping Our World: Global Educaiton" project. This workcamp aims to create a platform for volunteers to explore and discuss global issues with secondary school students in Hong Kong. This will create an opportunity for students to explore and learn from the volunteers about the world, hence, create a better understanding of the world.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be visiting schools daily to conduct a Human Library in each school. We are working with 7 secondary schools. Volunteers will be exposed to local customs, practices and Chinese traditions.

Study Theme: World peace, equality, breaking stereotypes, human rights

12.7-20.7.14 English Immersion in Rural China

Description: This is the first SCI workcamp in mainland china . This is a training workcamp for English teachers working in the rural areas of China. The AKH Love & Care Association organisation this training camp in the hope to help and enable children to receive quality education even in rural and poorer parts of China.

Type of Work: You will be working with teachers who have little training in English education, who come from diverse backgrounds in the rural parts of China, and whom we will expect to bring back skills they learn in this workcamp to enhance their work in their respective environments. The AKH Love & Care Association is the organizer and chief sponsor for this workcamp.

Approximate Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRC. We expect volunteers to arrive in Hong Kong first for the orientation. The camp location is one hour by train just across the boarder. We will travel by train to the campsite from Hong Kong.

18.8-26.8.14 Global Citizenship

Description: Volunteers will be working with secondary school and university students in Hong Kong. Local participants will include ethnic minorities, asylum seekers and Chinese of various ethnicities. This project aims to create a platform for volunteers to explore and discuss equalities and inequalities in local communities with the students in Hong Kong. This will create an opportunity for students to explore and learn from volunteers representing different countries and backgrounds about what it means to be a global citizen.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be visiting school and university groups every day to conduct workshops, gatherings, outings and small actions to interact with local participants and community members. Volunteers will be exposed to local customs, practices and Chinese traditions. We will explore the actions we can take as individuals, families, educators, and policy makers to contribute to world peace.

Study Theme: World peace, equality, breaking stereotypes, human rights

5.9-10.9. 14 Mid-Autumn Festival

Description: Mid Autumn Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated throughout China. Volunteers will be working with school children creating art work to celebrate the festival and educate them about peace.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be creating artwork with school children and explore the ways to use art to promote peace.

Study Theme: Peace and Culture
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Outgoing Volunteer Jane went to Botswana

Congratulations to Jane, you are the first SCI HK volunteer to take a step in Africa! Travel the world!

Training in Nigeria

Our member Billy Lam attended an SCI training in Nigeria in May or April or something. Members of many other SCI branches and some partner organisations also joined to spend one week together and develop their skills.

Training in Italy

Our member Donald Wong joined a training in Rome this year and he greatly enjoyed it. They really learned a lot about something and something else while they were enjoying one of Italy's most beautiful cities.

New Promotional Videos!

With the help of COY we filmed two promotional videos this year. Have a look:
Why We Do This (SCI HK promotional video 1 2014)
SCI 2014 second video 2014

SCI moved to New Office at Youth Square

Hooray for SCI - finally we have a real Office here in Hong Kong. It is located in Chai Wan, near the MTR, in the Youth Square Building Complex. We have three rooms and plenty or space.

Hong Kong Korea Cultural Exchange Tour

SCI HK and Seoul Youth Hostel organised a cultural exchange event for Hong Kong, Mainland and Korean Youth. Thanks to Mr. Kim for the cooperation!