By paul Langan

The Bully

by Paul Langan
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This book is basically about Darrell ,a happy kid moves to California, go's to Bluford high school and starts being bullied by Tyray. Darrell likes a friend named Aberlynn and makes another friend named Harold. one day Darrell saw a sign for the wrestling team at school and joined, it gave him confidence and happiness for the first time in a long time. with all the confidence from the team he stud up to Tyray and stop giving him money. then also beat him up in the cafiteria at school. from that Darrell told his teachers about how Tyray had been bulling him for months, and Tyray got expelled.

character analysis

Darrell, he loved the thought of his friends, his mothers hugs, and the thug street he lived on. His mother did not. She had just lost her job her her brother(Darrell's uncle) offered for them to move in with him. She took a job at his work station. She took the offer happily> Darrell didn't want to leave but they had to. The move changed Darrell, he was darker maybe meaner. This was because of his bully Tyray. by the end of this book I gt the impression that he was back to him old self, happy with his mew friends, and glad about EVERYTHING because he wasn't being bullied anymore. He stud up for himself and took the risk, he didn't care. Darrell wanted the torture to be over.

Now I'm going to tell you about Amberlynn, she is an important character in this book because she tributes to the liking of Darrell and Tyray. She is also Darrell's first friend. At one point she also got in a fight between Darrell and Tyray. Amberlynn is a main character, and those are my reasons to prove it.
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Paul Langan

Born: in Philadelphia 1972

Age when wrote book: in his early twenty's

Personal: he spend his early childhood in the city

I got my information at on October 16th 2015.

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book comparison

Back Before Dark.

This book reminds me of The Bully because they're being mean to others in both books, and they both kind of represent how cruel people are today.

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