Day By Day Armageddon

J.L Bourn


J.L has been crowned the king of zombie novels. J.L is an active army commander and finds time to take his thoughts and put them on to paper. The series started just as an online fan page were he would submit small parts of his writing. This soon exploded in to a foul out series and an amazing zombie book. This book is told in the first person in a journal format. J.L was able to achieve this with spelling errors crossed out words and giving the best view on what was happening through his eyes.


At the start of this novel you never get the main characters name and it gives thrill to the novel. The main character is an air force pilot who is returning home before going back out to fight the war. But his home visit becomes a fight for survival as he tries to figure out how he is going to survive against the hordes of flesh eating creatures. Will he survive or will he be ripped to shreds by the undead.


This book takes place in Huston Texas near the gulf of Mexico. A young pilot is coming back from over sees to have a nice 2 long weeks before he is called back in to fly over Iraq. But it soon turns out he wont be going back at all, the reason being there are hordes of zombies at the front of his door. He soon realizes he is trapped and that he needs to find a way out or he will become a member of the swarm of rotting corpses. His survival takes a turn for the better when he realizes he inset the only one trapped by the zombies. His neighbor john soon becomes his best friend and soon joins his quest to survive and fight to live another day.

Who would like this book

Any one who likes action, violence, blood guts, suspense and thrill would really enjoy this book. I guarantee that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what comes around the corner.
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