Mrs. Snyder's Spectator

April 7-11th

Important Dates


8th - PTO Open Forum - Voting for new executive board (7-8pm)

9th - NED Show Assembly (9:15-10am)

14th - Sand Creek Intermediate field trip (9:30-10:45am)

16th - Chauncie's Place (reschedule)

25th - CRES FEST (5:30-8pm)

28-9th - ISTEP Multiple Choice Round (more information to follow)

*Thanks for all your support in making our basket a success!*

Related Arts


T-Music (Bring your recorders)

W-Art & Library *Bring your books*


F- P.E.


We will be beginning Unit 13: Extending Fraction Concepts. We will be learning how to multiply fractions, change fractions to decimals, comparing decimals, and understanding decimals using money.

Social Studies/Science

We are beginning Unit 4: Indiana Grows. This unit will incorporate The Civil War, Reconstruction - rebuilding our nation, Farming in Indiana, Indiana Growing, & Education and Labor. We will be switching between social studies and our next unit in Science which is Unit 5: Forces and Transportation. The essential questions we will be focusing on are: What is Speed? and Which forces affect motion?. The key vocabulary in this unit are as follows: position, motion, speed, velocity, acceleration, force, drag, displace, buoyant force, and lift. We will be doing lots of experiments to make these abstract concepts concrete.

Caine's Arcade

During the first week of school, many of my students asked if we were going to do the cardboard arcade project and even as the year goes on they still ask in anticipation. Last year, we started a new 4th grade project modeled after Caine's Arcade during the last month of school in May and invite the whole school and parents to play. To give you a little background, Caine is a 9 year old boy that had a vision to create a cardboard arcade from his dad's boxes from his auto parts shop. He had no idea how it would turn into a global phenomenon and people all over the world would come to play his arcade and model their own after his. I would highly suggest going to the link below and watching the videos. We will be completing this project in May incorporating math, science, and engineering in their projects. I need your help to bring in the following items in order for the project to be successful. I also will be asking for volunteers to help closer toward May. Thanks in advance for your help!


- LOTS of Cardboard Boxes (all sizes)

- Packing Tape (thicker the better)

- Paint (all colors)

Caine's Arcade


We will be starting our next unit of study in Poetry. We have already been discussing different types of figurative language such as similar, metaphor, onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification, and hyperbole. We will be reading lots of different poems and studying the craft, meaning, and structure of poems. We will be exploring ideas for poems through nature walks, ordinary objects, favorites, special people/animals, etc. We will be studying the structure of poems by analyzing how they are different than 'normal' writing by their use of white spaces, stanzas, and line breaks. We will be looking at crafting our poem using only the most important words, having poems take shape, adding descriptive details, specifics verbs, voice, and using different font. We will write about people, places, objects, and ideas that are meaningful to us and give us a voice in writing. At the end of the unit, I would like to put on a Poetry Cafe that encompasses this reading and writing unit.


We will begin our next unit of study in Poetry. We will be reading lots of poems to infer the meaning, identifying the point of view, visualizing, making connections, and working on reading poems with expression and intonation.

The students are also working on meeting the goal they set at the beginning of Semester 2 during independent reading. Several students have met their goal and are setting new ones for themselves to complete by the end of the year.

Word Work

We will continue to focus on Latin and Greek roots. We will be focusing on:

Therm - heat

Geo - earth

Meter - measure

The students will need to know the spelling and meaning of their words and root words to explain what we are working on and how they are sorted.

Our Classroom

Mrs. Snyder's Currently Reading: Because of Mr. Terupt and Minds on Mathematics

Class Read Aloud: Hate that Cat by Sharon Creech