The First Date

Kayla Blair

7 Principles

To have a good relationship, you should keep these 7 principles in mind: Seek a good match, figure out your values, don't change someone, don't change yourself, expect good communication, don't play games, and finally, expect respect.

For Men

For the first date, we have a few tips for men.

1. Be confident

2. Be on time

3. Appropriately compliment her

For Women

For the first date, we also have a few tips for women.

1. Show respect

2. Turn off your phone

3. Be decisive

Sliding Into a Healthy Relationship

To slide into a healthy relationship, you have to take smart steps. First, make sure there's attraction, but keep it light. Then, make sure you get to know the other person to see if you guys are actually compatible. If you guys are compatible, decide if you want to really be with them or not. If you do, take a step and establish your boundaries. Finally, talk to them and discuss what the relationship is going to look like.
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Types of Love

There are 7 types of love:

1. Romantic love - where there are strong emotions and excitement.

2. Intellectual Love - Respect for intelligence, ideas, integrity, and opinions.

3. Physical love - Need for intimacy

4. Practical Love - Being able to get along on a day to day basis.

5. Philosophical Love - Outlook towards life together

6. Platonic Love - Frienship

7. Conjugal love - All of the loves combined. This is when marriage happens.

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