Advice to Gatsby

Dear Gatsby’s Ghost how is your new home? hope everything is going great.

i read your book in class which was very interesting i may say, i would like to have a chat with you, i hope that is okay with you? base on your book its states you were in love with Daisy and you two had a good history in the past but when you left for so many years to find what out there for yourself she got married and had a child, and in your return thinking by throwing so many parties she would jump at your doorstep saying oh, my dear romeo you came back for me, well that not how life goes and always to be honest always things happen for a reason so don’t make things looks easier because you have money. Because honey money is not everything in life you were born without money and will die without it as well for example. life was great for you after getting all that money you made but when you died and was buried that money did not go in the grave with you it was left to whomever they fit please to give it too. So when you lose a love one to someone one thing you should realise is if they are not worthy of being in your live then it a let go but if they are worthy enough to be in your life and they are nti yet married you have the rights to fight for that person and make sure you get them back. I love your roll in this movie but please next learn how to approach life which is one step at a time and don’t let money be your number one passion. Sometimes if you feel like being around them would hurt do yourself ;a favour by moving somewhere to spare yourself the pain. but don't never try take someone elses woman especially if she got the ring and yourself that mumbojumbo