The Holocaust

Childhood of Adolf Hitler

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This is a picture of Adolf Hitler when he was a young child.

Identify what education he received/had.

When he started school, at the age of 6, he had proven to be a very bright student. He loved reading stories about cowboys and Indians. When he was about to start another year of school, his dad moved the whole family to Linz, Austria. Adolf had good marks in elementary school, but he was a poor student in high-school. During high-school he only did good in the subjects he was interested in. His low marks had angered his harsh, ill-tempered father. In 1903, Adolf's father died, and 2 and a half years later, he dropped out of high-school at the age of 16. When he dropped out of high-school, he NEVER took the Matura Exam. Going to a university in Austria, requires to take to the exam, but since he did not take it, he was not able to go to a university.

Explain if he wanted or had any jobs.

His father wanted him to grow up to be a civil servant,but he wanted to be an artist.By the age of mid-teens, he regarded himself as an artist. When his father died Adolf didn't have to go to work because, his mother drew a widow's pension, and owned property. He spent most of his time daydreaming, drawing pictures,and reading books instead of going to work.

<We have added a picture a picture of Hitler to show you what he looked like.

Describe how his parents were like during his childhood.

When Adolf was born, Alois was 51,and Klara was 28. His dad was a customs official and his mother was a farmer's daughter. Alois Hitler was an ill-tempered and harsh father but, Adolf had a special bond with his mother which was nothing like the relationship he had with his father. Alois had retired when Adolf was 6 years old. Adolf was also beaten and abused by his father. Alois had retired when Adolf was 6 years old. Then, it was painful for Adolf when Alois had passed away in 1903 which was when Adolf was 13, but it was even more painful when Klara died four years later.
The video above shows about Hitler's childhood. (first 30-40 seconds)

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By- Shae R. and Kathy M.