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Abigail Elder


Abigail was born on July 12, 2001 in Denton., Texas. she is a freshmen as Eaton high school and her passion is playing beach volleyball. She is a kind, loving, and carrying young lady. You can always count on her to lend a helping hand.

Who I Am

Who I Am

I am from a volleyball from Mizuno and Mikasa.

I am from the smell of sweet cinnamon

I am from the Begonias, the bright burst of pink and white

I am from family is everything and laughter from Stephanie and Elder and Kolinek.

I am from the Laughter and smiles.

From no stangers and always smile.

I am from the love of God.

I'm from sweet tooth, chocolate and ice cream.

From the chubby checks , the board games at every Christmas, and the stories that warm everyones heart.

I am from pictures down the hall left and right.

One scholorship

One Scholarship

35,000 towns, 35,000 cities, 50 States, and one scholarship.

A small town girl with just one dream of getting her scholarship to Pepperdine University.

Her one goal in life, to play volleyball for her dream school.

A life’s effort went into this 16 year old girls life since she was 7.

The money, the time, the late nights, and the early mornings.

35,000 towns, 35,000 cities, 50 States, and one scholarship.

As all her teammates were so much better than her, she sat the bench.

The scouts walked the court as her teammates shined.

Tears came to her head but all she could do was tough it out, and remember

35,000 towns, 35,000 cities, 50 States, and one scholarship.

My Bed

My Bed

My bed, blue, black, and white

How every day I can come to something to lean on

To tell all my stories too, like a little kid tells his mom about his first day of school.

My bed, blue, black, and white.

Soft, fuzzy, and cozy

Blankets pile high as they keep each other warm

With warm toes everything tacks right into place

Soft, fuzzy, and cozy

Pillows among pillows

The stack rise as I continue to always want more

As you feel surrounded and comforted by

Pillows among pillows


As he lies like a little puppy in a big bed

As his feet dangle of the sides of the bed and twitch when he gets an itch


From small to large

The penguin look right into my eyes while it was just about as big as my head

The love came upon every pillow pet I saw

From small to large

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My Best Friend

My best friend

  1. My dog is my life A

  2. He makes me feel warm and cozy all through the night B

  3. To cut a Treat to share with just one knife A

  4. We find such a lovely delight B

  5. As the day goes on all I can think about is my beautiful dog C

  6. Day dream in class about my best bud D

  7. As we sit on a long strait log C

  8. Flowing across the great flood D

  9. As I walk in the door after school E

  10. A big smile comes stretching across my face F

  11. We saw eye to eye and he began to drool E

  12. We all the sudden had no personal space F

  13. I always wonder do I find too much love? G

  14. But that’s not possible with what I have listed above. G