Fate Grand Order

Gacha games are very popular nowadays. The most popular have millions of installations and are loyal fans of young people. The game has a unique style. They usually have old school, JRPG combat mechanisms and very long scenes, many special events and sometimes online multiplayer mode. However, the unique element of the cache game is the raw element. You call characters with a coin or game item in the game (often called a character bridge or character bridge). You have the opportunity to do super powerful things or do something stupid. Some people are more friendly with this mechanic than others and help them separate them from the pack. With this in mind, here are the best source games for Android (RPG for Mobile)! Note that you can change the game for free by adding new events, characters, and instructions each time. However, what we have written here still needs to be implemented. If you want to try them, we have the traditional console-style RPG links!

Fate Grand Order:

The Fate / Grand Order uses the largest distribution of the famous animated series Fade. So fans of the series should have a good shot of this. The game has a surprisingly engaging story and soundtrack. In addition, there are tons of units to put you in, lots of special events and decent, anime-style graphics. Most of the complaints we receive are the differences between the Japanese version and the global version. The Japanese version is a bit more advanced in its development cycle. Anyway, Fate / Grand Order is a good game, and you are advised to know the list of the character of the FGO Game.

Shin Megami Tensei:

The most popular JRPG series on Shin and Nintendo consoles is Shin Megami Tensei. Mobile RPG is one of the new entrants of the series. This includes calling and using more than 160 characters. Plus, you get all the benefits of the game with simple jRPG algorithms, multiple events, and more. Now you can see the model. It has good cut scenes and medium plot points, just like the console cutters. Of course, it comes with PVP components and other personal raw materials. The new one is good.

Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrock is one of the few games for the mobile OS. We love him so much. Players can play with traditional RPG characters, then summon a ton of characters. He has a good history, camaraderie, pen, and other social elements. In fact, Memory Tefric has the most active online social media tools of any game on this list. It's also good for F2B players, which is important to you, but you can enjoy it better than anywhere else. As in most cases, the most important problem is a bad internet connection.

Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect is one of the oldest original games. Its maturity gives a slightly higher content than most fresh carrots. The game features a visual, several special events and online multiplayer modes, while the multiplayer mode features competitive and cooperative modes. The dynamics are simpler than usual. In addition, the game may not match some F2B players like this list. It's a very solid game. Most of the complaints we receive are related to traction issues, internet connection.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is one of the newest source games on the list. This is different from the popular Kantai Collection game in Japan. We usually try to say the original, but the Kantai collection is not available in many places outside of Japan. You call it a natural spell, except that each character is a woman who turns into a tank. You build fleets and attack the bad guys. There are over 300 characters in the game, a lot of things to do and a lot of raw games. We hope that the Kantai collection will eventually lead to a complete global release.

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