My favourite genre.

My favourite genre is Fantasy because it can be put into anything, you can have a fantasy horror or fantasy romance, you can have anything in it from Goblins to Greek gods.

Fantasy in films and books.

Fantasy is a big part in the films and books industry. Twilight saga has made a massive profit in both industries, along with other fantasy books and films.

For example:

  • Hunger games
  • Divergent
  • Mortal Instruments
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
They all started off as books and then became big film franchises.

Its not just in films but in TV shows, there's plenty of TV shows that have been made from the books such as The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead was comic books before it became a TV show, The Originals now have a TV show and book series because of The Vampire Diaries. The 100 was a book series before it became a TV show.

All those superhero films were also comic books way before they became films.

What I like most about the genre and what I like least is...

...It can be put in anything, you can have anything in the stories, you can put vampires and Greek gods together in a book, but it can be overused, like the Dracula storyline or Werewolf stories, stuff like how all Angels are good and all Demons are bad are overused and boring now, they're becoming cliché and they don't grab attention any more.
Fantasy is a wide spread genre so for my creative writing controlled assessment I may use it as you can explore the genre more than you can with a romance or horror.