Please Stop Laughing at Me

Jodee Blanco's life story about her school experiences.


Throughout all of school Jodee Blanco has been targeted by bullies. The book starts with Jodee in the parking lot of her school reunion, she is trying to decide if she should go in or not. Jodee's parents have done little to help her, with everything she has been going through, they even went to a psychologist saying it's you and not them. Almost every year she changes school and people who bully her change as well and they tell everyone she is a snitch and don't be friends with her. School for Jodee has been hard to get through.

Character Analysis

Conflict / Resolution

The type of conflict is Character vs. Character, I chose this because Jodee faces other people who bullied her through all her life as a teenager.

She resolves this issue by trying to move to new schools and when that did not work she tried just ignoring it until her parents found out and went to the principle.


Please Stop Laughing at Me is an Autobiography about Jodee Blanco's life as a teenager and what she went through. Things you can get out of from this book is that bulling is not something that you should want to do and if you do see this happening you need to go to a adult and get it to stop, or you need to stand up for that person and make them wanted.

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Book Review

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