The most important items to survive

Backpack materials you need to make a Survival Kit

The most important items that you need.

  • There are ten items you want make sure you have in a survival kit
  • They are water, food, radio, flashlight, first aid kit, dusk masks, medication, cash, fire starter, and clothing and footwear.
  • Water, food, first aid kit, medication, fire starter are self explanatory.
  • If you have a radio it could be used to listen to the news or music.
  • The flashlight will be useful because it helps you see at night and also you can you it to signal for help.
  • The dusk masks are used in case there is a natural disaster.
  • The cash would be useful if you need money and electronics don't work.
  • The clothing and footwear are needed in case you cloths get wet, and you need footwear in case you shoes start to wear.
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Other Important Backpack Materials

  • Three more important items that you might want in survival kit are a knife, a new butane lighter, and a compass.
  • The knife is used for protection, and so you can make a bow and arrow and traps.
  • The butane lighter is used to boil water to make it drinkable, and to cook fish and other animals.
  • Finally, the compass is used for the compass itself, the thermometer on the back, small mirror in the center, the whistle on the bottom and LED light on the top if it's a Coghlan compass.