the iroquoian region of canada


social organization

the social organization of the iroquoian is different from the other first nations because they did not migrate for food. Instead they were very good farmers. The plants they planted were corn, beans, and squash.

food resources

The iroquoian had lots of meat and fish for the in there area, but they mostly eat he crops they eat the crops they make the iroquoian call the 3 crops the make the 3 sisters. The 3 crops are corn, beans, and squash


The haudenosaunee had relatively villages. The long house is the best feature of the village. the long house is 10 meters high and 25 meters long. Every long house is leaded by a powerful matriach. The long house was held together by a inverted U shape made out of poles. Then it was covered by slabs of bark.

modes of transportation

The haudenosaunee built bark covered canoes but they mostly traveled by land. They could cover very long distance's in a very short time. For winter travel they made some type of snowshoe made out of a wood frame and raw hide webbing.


The iroquoain cloths were tunics, leggings, and mocasins. The cloths were made of taned animal skin. The animals they used were moose, deer, caribou, buffalo, antelope, elk, and deer,

spiritual beliefs

The iroquoian is big with there farming culture so they hold 6 to 8 festivals a year. There was a festival called the 7 day festival to say thanks when corn was planted.the elders passed stories down from generations.They treated all items in there is environmentwith the most respects.