The New Super Fruit!!


Desription of the Pinanch

The super fruit, called the Pinanach, is a fruit that is round and has a fuzzy skin like a peach, with a spikey green top like a pineapple and the inside texture and flavor of a banana. The color of it is a little bit lighter orange than a peach because of the yellowness from the banana. The pit inside the pinanach is not edible so you have to be sure and pick it out and throw it away. The pit however, is smaller than that of what you would find in a peach. It has a lot of Vitamin C which gives you a strong immune system to help fight off illnesses and also has a lot of calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. And the potassium in this fruit also will help lower your blood pressure so that you can stay strong for when you use your strong bones and teeth for fighting. Its delicious, try one today!