My Yemeni Culture

By Muna Abdulkader

My Yemeni Heritage

My country is called Yemen which is in the Middle East. My country is a beautiful peaceful place that's what I think. The homes in my country is built on top of mountains, like the country is built on the mountains. My ancestors came from Yemen my dad and mom are both Yemeni. In Yemen we have holidays like Eid, Ramadan and their really nice and fun holidays.

My country is awesome because a long time ago our prophet Muhammad (PBO) went to Yemen that's why it's awesome. My country is important to me because I was born there raised there and my family grew up there, so Yemen is my beautiful only homeland. Something about Yemen is that it was two countries North Yemen and South Yemen, they were still small but later on the two countries joined and made one Yemen.

My Yemen Culture


My culture is important to me because it shows who I am. My community is cool if others wanted to join my culture they made a good choice because it's a nice friendly culture. My community might be different but it's the same in some ways. Like we read the Quran but some other people read other kind of holy books.

In my culture we have traditional clothes for men and women that are nice. We have fun dances that the boys and girls dance from. Finally food we have many yummy sweets.