Percy Jackson and The SeaOfMonsters

By: Dylan Weber


The summary of this book is basically there's like this kid named Percy Jackson and something bad happened to this camp he goes to. And he gets a massage from his friend for last summer that he's in trouble and he has the thing to save camp. So then he and his tries to save him but things go wrong and ends up on a island and they get on a boat from another camper then they go to the place where there friend is and save him but something goes wrong but they get away and save the camp

Genre: fictional


The reason i'm in this book is because it has a great storyline, A lot detail and Great characters

Text to text connection

This book is kind a like the other book series that this author writes which is called the heroes of Olympus. The reason they are like is because they're both about gods and fantasy stuff like that.

My favorite quote

My favorite quote is when Thalia says "' l am Thalia daughter of Zeus "'