The Columbian Exchange

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What is the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange is an exchange that has helped people throughout the world.This exchange has helped the world massively to have goods such as,chocolate sugar,corn,peanuts,tomatoes,coffee and much more.


#1-One of the negative effects of the exchange was the potato fungus because it killed lots of people that were important to the community.

#2-The Europeans brought diseases that cleared most of the population such as,smallpox,measles,and malaria.

#3-Another negative effect was that people were constantly moving away from their home.

Positive Effects


Are you #for or #against?

I am for the the Columbian Exchange because we would not have some of the goods that we have today if it were not for Columbus.Also,horses have helped the Americas because it made hunting easier and safer.We all have Columbus to thank for this wonderful exchange.

You should be for the columbian exchange.

You should be for the Columbian Exchange because horses have made life easier and safer,we would not have some foods today if it were not for Columbus.This wonderful exchange has helped people throughout the WORLD.