My Poland Project

By, Damian Galvez

Poland Country Basics

Full Name: Rzeczpospolita Polska

Country Capital: Warszawa

Flag and it's meaning: Two red and white stripes. Red and white have long been associated with Poland and it's coat of arms.


Location: The Continent is Europe and it's surrounding countries are Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria Czech Republic, and Cyprus.

Major Land Forms:The Sudets, The Tatra Mountains, Carpathian Mountains, and the Central Lowlands.

Major Landmarks: Wieiczka Salt Mine, Table Mountains, The Royal Castle of Warsaw, and The Wawel Cathedral.

Major Bodies of Water: Baltic Sea, Gulf of Gdonsk, The Oder, and The Vistula Rivers.


Type: Repubic

Leader: Anderzej Duda

Leaders are chosen by: Elections

Citizens Rights: Follow laws, respect rights of others, and not to violate the essence of freedoms and rights.


GDP: Poor nation

Type of Money: Polish zloty

Main Export: Fuel from Russia and industrial machinery/chemicals from Germany.

-Life Expectancy: 76.80 Years

-Birth Rate: 10

-Literacy Rate: 99.7%

-Drinking Water Source: Poland Spring


Modern Clothing: Simple suits and ties and average American clothing.

Major Language: Polish

Major Holidays: New Years, Easter, Epiphany.

Religion: Catholic

Food: Ruthenian (potato, cheese, and onion.


General Weather Conditions: Climate

Average Yearly Rainfall: 77mm

Average Yearly Temperature: 10°c

Affects of Climate: Water management, Coastal zone management, and agriculture.


2 Examples of Historic Events in Poland

-The Soviet Union invasion in 1939 caused Poland government to flee the the country and establish a government-in-exile in London.

-Another example is four days earlier, The Bombing of Frampol gave Poland strategic bombing skills for WWII.

Compare & Contrast

In Poland they eat foods very similar to ours. Examples are pastries and meats. Their artwork is the same style as ours in the 1800's. Examples are portraits of famous pioneers and presidents.

In Poland the roads are not constructed as well as the roads here in America.People prefer walking more than driving in Poland.They have a lot of the same restaurants as we do here such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds. They are both constitutional democracies.

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