February 29 - March 4

Start Somewhere Monday

You have taken several interest surveys throughout your years at WFPS, do you know what they mean? Do your results still match your vision for the future?

Review your results in RUReadyND (ICAP, Journal)

Match your results to a College Major:

Stop in the Counseling Office during lunch to Spin the Wheel and Win a Prize!

College Connection Tuesday

Learn how to use the College Comparison tool in RUReadyND to compare your top colleges side-by-side.

2-year vs. 4-year Degree Dilemma

Scholarships (How to Apply, Essays,

FAFSA - Tame the Beast!

Stop in the Counseling Office during lunch to Spin the Wheel and Win a Prize!

Job Shadow Wednesday

It's national #FindYourCallingDay - Take a short survey

Learn more about your Job Shadow options

What's your next step?

Take the short survey during lunch and win a prize!

Branding Thursday

Do your Social Media sites provide a positive digital brand for your future? Do you have clean and consistent pictures, messages and posts?

Do you have an e-folio yet?

Stop in the Photo Booth to create a professional Profile Picture to build your Brand. Prizes for students who update their profile picture!

Take a Break Friday

If college is not for you right away, learn about other options for after graduation.

Non-degree Careers (18 + high school diploma)

Staffing Agencies

Apprentice Programs

Office, Warehouse, Call Center positions

Stop in the Counseling Office during lunch to Spin the Wheel for a Prize!


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S: Start Somewhere

Start Somewhere: 5 Lives Activity

Imagine you have the ability to live five completely different "career lives." There are no limits - absolutely no potential for failure, no financial restrictions, no lack of training, no family responsibilities holding you back, no lack of any kind of resources.

For each life, answer these questions: What are you doing in that life? What industry are you working in? Where are you living? How much money are you making? Who are you interacting with? Who do you know, and who knows you? Be creative as you wish.

W: Why did you choose these lives?

Do they match YOU? Because it's YOUR future. YOU decide what comes next and what is right and realistic for YOU.

A: Ask Questions

Which of your 5 lives would you like to explore first? Do you know how to use RuReadyND to help you explore this life? Do you know how to job shadow to gain a better understanding of the career in this life? Are there training programs or colleges that have majors related to this life?

G: Get Started or Go Back

Get started by answering your questions (above in the Ask Questions section) and get connected with Mrs. A. in the counseling office to start exploring, researching, and learning more about the future you choose. Or...Go Back and explore another of your 5 lives.