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We always talk about resilience in this business and I love when I hear of a Stylist who hits a road block and turns it into a huge opportunity. That's exactly what Kristen Dawes did this month. She had 2 cancellations and instead of letting it get her down she replaced those shows right away and booked in TIGHT - and we're talking 1 week tight! Kristen doesn't let those thoughts of "there's not enough time to add more this month" get into her head. She truly believes that great shows can be planned in a week's time and she has enough confidence in this to talk to potential hostesses about it. Because she believes it they believe it! One show was $1900 and the other was $2900 - no wonder she believes in booking in works!

That said, where are you with your November goals? Do you need to add 1 more show? Sponsor 1 more Stylist? There is plenty of time to make it happen! Take some time to read through these tips and success stories to help you book, sell, and sponsor to WRAP UP THE SEASON in the best way possible!

Don't forget to take advantage of the Leader led booking blitzes! This is a great way to get motivated, hear some words to say from another perspective, and hold yourself accountable to actually pick up the phone. Check out the list posted on the Todallets page, send out your warmups with the times that you'll be calling to follow up to hold yourself to it, then dial in to get revved up before you make your calls. It works!

Step 1: BOOK!

I LOVE this post from Star Director Sandy Sloan who has been doing this for 5 years....
Here are some tips I'd like to share about what's working for me to book new shows! Imperfect activity is better than perfect inactivity, so when it comes to customer follow up I must admit I haven't lived up to my own standards of following up within 4 days of my customer receiving her jewelry. It used to be a consistent practice of mine for the first 2.5 years of my business, and it's how I booked a lot of shows. But these days nearly 5 years into it, honestly it can slip from 3 weeks to 1.5 months. And I worry that my customer doesn't remember me or doesn't have that chemistry with me from when we met. So what do I do?
I call genuinely expressing disappointment in my lack of immediate follow up, and I think it simply disarms them. Here's how it can start:

"Hi, Megan! It's Sandy Sloan, your Stella & Dot Stylist from Lisa's trunk show, and I really hope you remember me. How are you?" She replies something and usually asks something like "how are you" or "what can I do for you". I reply, "Actually I'm fine, but I am calling with my tail between my legs. I pride myself in giving great service and part of that is checking in with you a few days after you've received your package to make sure you're loving it. I'm so sorry that it's taken me a month instead to reach out to you. Better late than never, I hope. So tell me, how are you loving your xxxx and your yyyyyy? I hope you're wearing it and getting lots of compliments on it....."

If my customer engages with me and is warm and receptive when she answers, I take the cue to go further. If she's curt and seems bothered, I leave it at that and thank her so much, etc., etc. If I can go further, I'll ask her something like, "I know that was your first ever S&D show, and since this is my full time business it would be so helpful to know what you thought of it?" This opens up all kinds of possibilities! If she is effusive in her praise, you can just GO GO GO! I ask her about her total experience with the product choice and also the social aspect, making sure she never felt pressured, etc. I loop it back to other items she may have liked but didn't get (in case I don't have notes on that), and then I can say, "Well, I have loved talking to you, both at the show and today, and you're so xxxxxxx(genuine compliment either about her sense of style, cuteness, personality, etc), and you know, I would LOVE to come and do a show for you! Did you know that your hostess got $$$ in product just for having you all over for wine and noshes? Then we can get those other items for you for free or 1/2 off! And this time of year you're actually offering your friends such a great service because they can get holiday shopping done with drink in hand, girl talk swirling around her, and her besties' opinions to boot! When you think about getting together with your friends, is it more for wine at night or brunch on a weekend?" And we just go right into it from there.

Step 2: SELL!

Love this email from BRAND NEW STAR Jess Silberzahn in Maryland. She and her entire team reached out to their customer base with the launch of the new rebel in Silver. While they sold a few Rebels, they opened the conversation for a LOT of other orders- added substantial additional volume and booked shows too.

Hi There!
I hope this email finds you well!! Yes, it's true, I'm up and doing cartwheels over here at 1:10 in the morning!!
Do you want to know why? The most sought after piece by celebrities is now available in SILVER and it debuts today...Tuesday!!
(inserted polyvore showing both rebels here-see attached)
I have had many Fashionistas dreaming that this beauty would come in Silver and here it is!!
Is silver your preference? Do you often find yourself looking for a simple, yet very elegant longer style necklace to wear? THIS DARLING IS FOR YOU!!
(inserted pic of silver rebel here)
Be one of the first to get your hands on The Rebel Pendant in Silver! I'll be offering FREE SHIPPING until 11:59 p.m. today (Tuesday the 12th). Email me, text, call, or send me a Facebook message so I can apply your free shipping!
While you're at it, do you have a few items that you want to pick up for others for the Holidays? Take advantage of the free shipping and gift boxes and add them to your order TODAY!
Lastly, as a reminder, today (Tuesday) is the last day to thank a military woman, wife, or daughter by purchasing a handbag for yourself. When you do, Stella & Dot will gift one of our Heroes with something sparkly!
(inserted military pic here)
Thank you for trusting in me to be your Personal Stylist and "go-to" for finishing the look to any outfit! I'd love to help you do a little stress-free shopping for the holidays and avoid the Malls (and wrapping too!) and earn yourself the title of "Best Gift Giver" this year! 'Tis the's here!

Step 3: SPONSOR!

Who needs some extra cash this season?
Who needs some joy in their life?
Who do you know who would LOVE this business?
If you can think of one person for any of these you need to call them!
Do you know any college students coming home for the break? They could make more in one week doing 3-4 shows with their high school friends and their moms then they could working at Macy's the whole month!
Why not reach out to them now and help them set up those shows!
Have you never asked your cousin or your sister because you thought they would laugh? They just might not want to step on your toes!
Star Director Alison Fuller just sponsored her sister and cousin after being with S&D 5 years!

This is a HUGE month for Incremental Sales-

You can sell as much, if not more, as an average trunkshow, just by offering gift ideas.

You can sell as much, if not more, as an average trunkshow, by sending out wishlists to women who have spent years getting horrible presents.

You can sell as much, if not more, as an average trunkshow, by sending portfolios/order forms out with friends that are traveling for the holidays, or entertaining, and can have "on the go" trunkshows with friends and family.

You can sell as much, if not more, as an average trunkshow, just by offering to set-up in an office conference room so that busy employees can shop on their lunch hour.

Take advantage- because if you don't, someone else will, and those dollars will be spent elsewhere. Why shouldn't it be with you? You have a GREAT product, personal service to give, and we are in the Happiness business!

Jodie Strum, Associate Director and Independent Stylist

Please reach out to me at any time for a one-on-one coaching session or for any questions or guidance. We are so glad you are a part of this team!