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Bagalicious Babes

We are so glad to have YOU!

I am Rebekah, your director, but more importantly, I am your personal cheerleader. Team Bagalicious Babes and I will be your support system and so much more! Whatever your reason for joining us is (free bags, extra income, fun, to meet super fun women), we are here to give you support and to guide you in this little adventure. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you feel like you need assistance! The door is always open!
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This is where you will be able to network, ask questions, get encouragement and share ideas. As you will soon realize, our team is a little bit different- in a good way :) No pressure and lots of working together to help one another!

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Your kit is on its way!

You should receive it in the next few days. To check your order, click the button above or go to www.thirtyonetoday.com and check your "order history" for shipping/tracking info.

$1 enrollment

If you joined under the $1 enrollment.... exciting news! If you decide you'd like a kit, you can purchase the current kit for $99! Just call Home Office :)

I hope you like B-I-N-G-O!

I like to do this for my team members to help them get acquainted with their personal website and hit the ground running! Fill it out and set up time to chat with me to share and you will receive a prize!
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Thirty-One loves to support their consultants in their business. That means FREE bags! Yep, you read that right, FREE BAGS! The 1st opportunity you’ll have to earn free Thirty-One is through the StartSwell program.

What is it? StartSwell is a program for new Consultants that allows you to earn amazing rewards to help you grow your business. Your StartSwell period begins... right when you sign up!

How does it work? Your first 120 days are broken down into four 30-day segments. Each segment is know as a “level.” If you submit $600 in Personal Volume (that’s 1 or 2 parties in a month - totally doable!) during one of those 30-day segments, you’ll get to choose a free kit – you can earn up to four in total.

PLUS, if you submit $1000 in orders in any or all level you can choose a hostess exclusive OR a $75 credit!!

In your first 120 days you can*: Earn up to four StartSwell kits. Earn valuable business supplies. Earn $100 for every Consultant you sign up! See More

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Helpful Consultant Groups

A few of my favorite FB groups for Thirty-One! Great for ideas, graphics and people "watching" ;) In order to join you usually have to PM someone with your website or consultant number...it usually says in the description of the group!

Please take a quick moment to fill out our New Consultant Survey!

Thirty-One Home Office

HO is not only super helpful but they truly are a delight to work with! Here's the contact info. They are open Monday-Friday from 9 am - midnight EST.