Computer Systems

Input, Store, Process & Output

Input + Output

Input devices put things into the computer, for them to store, process and output. Some examples are a mouse, keyboard or scanner.

Output devices are the final piece of the puzzle. They give out the final product. Some examples of these are a monitor or printer.

Storage + Process

These to steps are the parts that we don't see. The storage keeps data, and process turns it into information that we all can understand. Some examples of storage are RAM or a USB, where as processors are hidden inside the computer, usually covered by a fan.

Key words

  • Data - information that the computer understands, but we do not.
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Optical drive

An optical drive uses laser light or electromagnetic waves to make images.
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CPU processor

The CPU of the computer is the part that carries out all sorts of instructions, its very important.


The RAM is the short term memory, it stands for "Random access memory ."