February-Leap Year Race Event

Let's Leap Into 2016!!!

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What's it all about?

February 1st- 5th, marks 2016's first RACE event!!

Did you know it's a leap year? 2016 is also the year for the Summer Olympics! I'm always amazed at the Olympic athletes preparation for an event that takes place once every four years! They pour everything they have into training just to compete! Those who train the hardest have a far better shot at winning than those who do not!

Our business requires "training" as well. When you are out doing the activity it takes to build your business you are building the momentum you need to open groups and write premium. This is why we do RACE events (Real Activity Creates Excitement). RACE events are designed to give a little extra incentive to go above and beyond what you would normally do for activity. It is a boost in activity to hopefully give lift to your month and possibly quarter. With 2016 being a leap year let's start this month off with lots of activity, to catapult us through the long jump, in order for us to have a solid start to 2016.

How do you win?

It's all about activity. Dials, drops, appointments, and master apps! Hopefully your quarter is all moving toward this month so you will have a lot of New Account Information Sheets flying in! This RACE event there are 4 prizes you can win! One for each of the following:

1. Most Dials (Minimum 100)

2. Most Drops (Minimum 30)

3. Most DM Appointments * (Minimum 4)

4. Most overall points

Note: There could be 4 winners. There could be 2...There might even be only 1...it just depends on what happens in the activity department!

How do you earn points?


Dial = 1 pt

Drop = 3 pts

Appointment set = 5 pts

Master App signed = 25 pts

*Reporting must be done daily. Please use the reporting tool CLICK HERE

What are the prizes?

Most Dials will win $50 visa gift card

Most Drops will win $50 visa gift card

Most DM appointments will win $50 visa gift card

Most Overall points will win $100 visa gift card

What's the fine print?

*All applicable winnings will be added to the winners year-end 1099.

*In order to be eligible to win in each category you must meet the minimum activity number listed above.

*Reporting must be done daily for the numbers to count.

*Appointment points are awarded when a NEW appointment set with a Decision Maker of a business.

*Broker appointments do not count UNLESS the brokerage will be offering Colonial Life as a new account.