Standardized Testing

Is standardized testng improving education?

President Barack Obama

(Not clearly pro or con) statement "we have piled on a lot of stadardized test on our kids. Now,there`s nothing wrong witha standardizded testing being giving baseline of where kids are at...

My point of view of there theoy

I think that the  standardized testing is wasting money on the U.S.A  i thing that all the teacher are teating us is to pass the testing we should be taut what we need not for that test.

Mitt Romney

(pro) "We looked at what drives good education in our state, what we found is the best thing for education is great teacher, hire the very best and brightest to be teacher pay them properly, make sure that you have  school  choice test your kids to see if they are meeting the standards if that needs to be met, and make sure that you put the parent in charges''.