Electrical Engineer

By: Hayden Powless

Basic Information

1.Need License

2.Need a bachelors Degree

3.Most have a Masters degree

4.Specialize in one area

5. Design Safe and Efficient products

6.Sit for long periods of time at once

7.Design things from Cell Phones to Satellites

8.Designs shouldn't be too expensive

9.Earn $70,830 per year on average

10.Design new parts and equipment for new products

Wisconsin Pros and Cons



1.Not far from home

It's good because then I'm not far away if there is an emergency and I'm closer to family.

2.Divison 1

This is good because it means usually they have good choices for sports which means more chances for scholarships.

3.Have Lacrosse

Good because it's my favorite sport and it will be a better challenge with the division 1.


1.Needs good grades

This is a con becasue you need to hold a 3.75 gpa for this school.

2.Lots of people

This is a con because it will be very crowded and lots of people.

3.Cold in Winter

This is a con because the winters in Wisconsin are usually really long and cold.

Florida State Pros and Cons



This is a pro but also a con but it's a pro because it's

really warm weather and I like the warm.

2.Division 1

This is a pro because it has more athletic choices

and have a better chance to get a scholarship.

3.Good Schooling

This is a pro because you don't want go to a school

whit bad schooling.


1.Far from home

This is a con because I wouldn't want to be far from home

if there is a emergency.

2.Get sick of warm

This is a con because I like to winter like Wisconsin does.


This is a con because it's a really expensive college.

Marinette Pros and Cons


1.Good schooling

This is a pro because you don't want to go to

a school with bad schooling.


Good because it's not really a huge college and not


3.Close to home

This is a pro because it would be nice to be close to home

so it's easier to come home for holidays and family



1.Private school

This is a con because I would rather go to a public

school because private schools are usually more



This is a con because it is a really expensive school.

3.Don't have Lacrosse

This is a con because I couldn't play my favorite


Addresses, Web Adresses

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Web address:http://www.wisc.edu

Adress: Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Florida State University

Web Address: https://www.fsu.edu

Adress:600 W College Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32306


Web Address: http://marinette.uwc.edu

Address: Marinette, Wisconsin 54313

Pros and Cons of Job


1.Challenge of solving complex designs

This is a pro because I like to problem solve.

2. Have a flexible schedule

This is a pro because then it's easier to

work around things during day.

3.Working with people in differnt fields

This is a pro because you can learn things

from them.


1.Keep Up with changing technology

Con because you need to change your software so much

so when you get used to it you get a new one.

2.Continuously having to study

This would be a con because I wouldn't want to study

that long and all differnt subject.

3.Having to find the right job

Because it takes time to find a good job

How to Get their

High School Cources




4.Statistics and Probability


College Expations

1.Need Engineering License

2. At least bachelors degree

3. Most engineers have Masters degree


Wolf Engineering

Rodney A Wolf & Mary Z Wolf

Amherst, WI 54407
Telephone: (715) 824-5055
Fax: (715) 824-3875
Contact Person: Mary Z Wolf

Web address: http://www.e-wolfe.com

Other groups

AP Engineering- Appleton, Wisconsin


Heartzheim Engineering Inc- Appleton, Wisconsin



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