Miss Tigges's 2nd Grade Newsletter

May 5, 2017

Making the most of the final 15 days of the school year!

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Enjoy a SPECIAL newsletter with lots of pictures, videos, and information about the fun things we've been doing to celebrate the final month of school! :)


In reading, we have been working on close reading poetry. We know to become better poets, we must read lots of poetry. We have studied the mood of poems, the word choices by the poet, the stanzas, line breaks, and have even asked questions about the poet's purpose. We are hoping by reading poems over and over again we can better learn ways to try new strategies out in our own poetry!

Writing (Written by Max)

This week we are working on poetry. In poetry, the words can go up or down. Some poetry rhymes, and some does not. We are learning about performing poetry and how to think like a poet. We love writing our own poems!
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Science (Written by Johan)

In Science we have been talking about meal worms. We talk about their life cycle and study the mealworms to see what they become once they turn into an adult. We were so excited to see our mealworms turn into a BEETLE! That was the last stage of the life cycle! It is super cool!

Math (Written by, Ethan)

In math, we are working on unit 10. We are working on adding and subtracting to 20 and finding the place value in 4 & 5 digit numbers, like 4,561. Also, we have been working on solving money number stories and can sometimes use the calculator to find the exact cost. We are working on using a calculator to subtract money amounts. That means if I have $1.64 - $0.62 I would solve it by myself or use a calculator. So that is what we are doing in math.

Dates to Remember...

  • Friday, May 5: 2nd Grade End of Year Countdown Begins with a trip to the Blank Park Zoo!
  • Wednesday, May 17: Early Out
  • Thursday, May 18: Miss Tigges's 2nd Grade Class Family Leadership Night 5:00-6:30 PM
  • Wednesday, May 24: Poetry Celebration @ 9:00 AM
  • Friday, May 26: Field Day/Last Day of School