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School-friendly YouTube video links

Nervous about showing YouTube videos and seeing the ads or suggested videos in the sidebar? Use www.safeshare.tv. It is very user-friendly; just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you'd like to use, and www.safeshare.tv will convert it to a video clip that you don't need to worry about showing to your students. Check out the short video tutorial below. Put safeshare.tv as a shortcut on your desktop so it's always ready to use. Thanks to Jean Oswald at WW for this great tip!

Using Share Safe TV

Simplify your emails

Create a group email list for such things as your PLC to prevent typing each name every time you correspond. These instructions will explain step by step how to create a group and also how to manage it. (e.g. adding or deleting members). Thanks again to Jean Oswald for this helpful info.

Research Units

As you prepare for your research units, let Pamela and I know of specific titles or types of books you might like pulled for your classroom, websites you would like bookmarked, or books needed for our library collection.

Interested in having students present their research using technology? Let's talk! Check out this example from Groveland Elementary School in Minnetonka.

The Media Center is on Pinterest!

We have arrived! Check out our Pinterest site. Lots of books, technology tips, and helpful websites. Feedback is welcome!