9 yrs. old & above

Reservation Confirmation

Thank you for your reservation in the "Builder" Program ! We will hold your reservation for five days; pending completion of registration form and payment of P3,800 (Cash or check made payable to Compass Education) will be at Tutelage Learning Center in Mabolo, Cebu City. Tutelage is located in Edros Road (near Pope John Seminary) with Pasajero company fronting the road.

If the registration process cannot be completed in the next 5 days please call 414-3454, text msg 0923-660-0695 , fb msg us at compass-education or email us at Class sizes are small with only 12 students per class and 2 instructors to ensure optimum learning.

What to expect...

The Builder program is a fun and challenging program using Lego Technic. Builders will construct different structures and add a Lego motor to make it run, spin and race. They will work with a partner to design, test, improve, and document given challenges that have specific requirements. Builder Journals will help the Builders document their findings, predictions and experiences. There is no shortage of activities that encourage creativity, critical and collaborative thinking.

What to bring:

Please bring socks. The floor at Tutelage Learning Center is carpeted and since we work on the floor to test our structures and mechanisms with various ramps, it is best to walk in socks and keep it clean for everyone. Lastly, bring your "smile" and "can do" attitude- We promise learning science and math (forces, gravity, measurement) has never been this much fun.


It takes a lot of logical, creative, critical and strategic thinking to become a Certified Builder so we need to celebrate their success. It’s a fun-filled day where they get to showcase their models and pick up the framed certificates that they are Builders.

At Compass Education, we believe that Families should learn, play and have a whole lot of fun together so bring your enthusiasm and get ready to be part of family games, family art, family robotics and make your child shine. Best of all, it’s free for all families and friends of Compass summer students. The dates and times are outlined below:

For all April participants:

Date: May 2, 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: J Center Mall

A S Fortuna St.

Bakilid, Mandaue City

For all May participants:

Date: May 30, 2015 (Saturday)

Time: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: J Center Mall

A S Fortuna St.

Bakilid, Mandaue City


Please pick up your Builder on time. They will be escorted by our staff from the classroom to the pick-up gate at Tutelage after class. There is also a waiting area for caregivers, yayas, etc.. below the classroom.

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