NC State University

Come join our great classes and help save the world

Come and join the best agronomy class you have ever seen

Here at Kip University we work together to help save family's and children in hunger by making farming more productive and safe for the environment.

we also have great weathering classes

At NC State we study weathering and we focus on how to tell if its mechanical or chemical weathering and how the weathering happened to change the object

Our soil class

In our soil class we mainly study the layers of soil, soil texture, and soil horizons. in the soil layer period you will learn about the 5 layers of soil including the humus layer, top soil, sub soil, parent material, and the bedrock layer
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while on the soil topic lets talk about our soil formation rate classes

We are very big on remote sensing

we do remote sensing here because it helps us get a better idea of what is going on with our crops and how we can improve the crops so farmers can make fresher better tasting food

here at NCSU we look at why soil is important

we teach why soil is important and why we need it to farm and grow plants trees and basically grow the things we need to live

some conman crop missuses are taught as well

we will teach you some conman ways that people tend to do wrong when farming, like when people dig to deep causing the soil to come lose or getting rid of crop remains causing water to be mercy and less helthy

soil management and agronomy advances

we teach how you can keep your soil up by avoiding soil erosion and to ad compost to it occasionally and we teach the history of agronomy like how early farmers worked to keep there crops alive