Beautiful Boy

By: Julia Karczewski

Book Summary:

What happened to our little boy? Our beautiful boy? Where did we go wrong? These are some of the questions David Sheff asked himself. David's son Nic went through a serious drug addiction. In the book, David Sheff wrote about Nic's heart-breaking journey. He wrote about how it affected him and his family. Through the book he refuses to give up on his son. He is always there for him no matter what. It is a very eye-opening memoir and helps you learn alot about how an addiction can affect you.

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More Information:

I highly recommend this book, to all readers who want to learn about how an addiction can affect your life. It shows guidence and hope. It is very interesting and makes you never want to put down the book.
David Sheff


This video gives you a hint of what this book is about. It shows the relationship between David and Nic, and gives you hope.