Teacher Tablet Starter

The early stuff to remember

The Paperwork

Make sure you have collected:

  1. all PACE Tablet Pledge forms from your homeroom students.
  2. the Web 2.0 and apps form. This is approval for various apps and web resources you might use!

Students can use the tablets in their classes, but must return them to their homeroom teachers at the end of each day if they have NOT turned their permission forms into their homeroom.

The Wi-Fi Stuff

We've taken one step to help you out a bit. This year, you don't have to remember passwords for Wi-Fi and whatnot. Now, you can use the Wi-Fi Reconnect App and scan this QR code!

Troubleshooting Techniques

Help reinforce the proper troubleshooting steps. Students should be troubleshooting themselves using the poster before asking for help.

  1. Toggle Wifi
  2. Restart the tablet
  3. Scan the *Trouble Shooting QR using the QR Driod App, and submit a ticket. Someone will be by to get the tablet as soon as possible and with as little interruption to the classroom.

Amplify Support on the tablet can be used when students are at home.

Be sure you remind students reporting an issue to give a description of the issue. If they do not, we don't know where to start in terms of trying to resolve the problem.

* You can print this QR Code by clicking the following link. Place the Troubleshooting Ticket code around your room!

Amplify Playlist Builder

The Amplify Playlist Builder can be accessed by going to playlist.amplify.com. Your credentials are:

This Wednesday there is a Playlist Builder Webinar showcasing this classroom tool. The webinar will be a great way to learn about all the new updates. You will need to download Fuze to your school tablet or your computer to participate in this Webinar from Amplify. Click to Register here.

Taking Care of Your Tablet

Remember to guide students to appropriate tablet care at all times.

Some things to keep your eye on include:

  1. Are students carrying the tablet with both hands?
  2. Are students avoiding stacking their tablets?
  3. Are students placing the tablet in appropriate places?
  4. Are students putting their tablets to sleep when not in use?

Organizing Your Tablet

Keep yourself and your students organized by creating folders in the File Manager app for each class. Teach students how to create folders, rename documents, and move documents to the correct class folder.

The Current Go-To Tablet Team

Frequently asked questions

  • Can students change their passwords from 0000?

Yes! Be on the lookout for an instructional video that details how to change your tablet passcode. You can share this with students so they can change their too.

  • What do I do with all these PACE Permission forms?

Hold on to them for now! Use them to ensure that approved students are taking tablets home. Your PLEF or an Admin will collect them from you later, when your entire homeroom is complete.

  • Do you have a dongle?

Mrs. D can answer that question best! The Media Center has some dongles available for check out. Please feel free to call and see if there are any still available.

  • How do I get an app on my students' tablets?

Good question! You can learn more about the App Approval Process here. There is a link to the appropriate form at the bottom of that page.

  • Do we have any extra chargers?

OF COURSE! They are in the Media Center and can be checked out to teachers. However, remember that if you check out the chargers, you become responsible for them!

  • What do I do with the earbuds?

Students can use the earbuds that we are providing, or they can choose to use their own. If that's the case, then hold on to them! Just keep a list of which students decided to take the earbuds provided by GCS.

  • Can I get websites unblocked for student use?

By using the Unblock Website App on your teacher tablet! Tap the app and then fill in the appropriate information. That website will then be filed to be unblocked.

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