Permanent Magnets manufacturing

Different magnetic equipment offered by magnets manufacturer

Magnets are in most equipment we use in our daily lives. The magnet element is very important in most machinery and equipment because without them they may not adequately function. There are different equipment magnets manufacturer makes for different purposes.The trap magnets. They provide protection for processing equipment and liquid lines. They get rid of small particles of rust, fine iron and magnetic scale hence preventing contamination from flows of liquid products. This preserves the product’s purity and prevents damage of the equipment. The trap magnets are perfect for wet separation appliances. They come in sanitary, stainless steel construction and are easy to clean.

Toucher magnets. Their low field magnet power in handling finished components makes them highly demanded by different industries. They have the ability to handle warm and oily components where they attract and remove by a jack up lever. There are different types of the toucher magnets and the magnets manufacturer can customize one for you according to your specifications.

Earth magnetic equipment. The equipment is known for its stability, high durability, perfect performance and resistance from abrasion.Magnetic rod. The rods are used in different kinds of industrial applications. They are also used in the manufacture of mechanical and electronic instruments. Magnets manufacturer uses high quality materials to make the magnetic rods. The rods are long lasting, affordable, easy to install and purposeful.

The magnetic plates. These plates are used to remove weakly and fine magnetic impurities in products. They have a really strong magnetic pull, are easy to install and come in various sizes to meet customers’ needs. They can be fitted over material flow ducts, conveyor lines among others.

Magnetic ferrite equipment. Its sole purpose is to separate iron particles from semi liquid and large volume liquid flow systems. The magnetic ferrite can be easily reinstalled and is easy to clean.The magnets manufacturer produces different magnetic equipment used for different purposes.