Team Transformation Pay Period Wrap

Cheri & Talyan Petzold

Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

Pay Period Ending Oct 16, 2012

Welcome New Team Members!

We want to welcome all of our new team members!

There is an excitement in the air surrounding Team Transformation as we settle into the Fall Season. We have completed our Pay Period for Oct 16, 2012 and head into a 3 week pay period!

This is the time to recognize the great accomplishments from Oct 16th AND for you to be a part of that growth and transformation in your own life and team.

With this great company we have the tools to help others and take them to levels they never dreamed possible by reaching their fitness, financial, wellness, and performance goals!

This pay period has shown you that this team is moving forward, shaking things up, making things happen, and not settling for 2nd best!

We have hungry people on this team making their dreams come alive! Truly changing the way they live!

This is your time to shine! Lock arms with your sponsor, ask those questions, watch the training videos, make your lists, package your 30 second and 2 minute stories, pick up the phone, and help someone today!

KEEP THIS IN MIND: You do NOT have to wonder how to do any of these things:

Approaching someone new

Sharing Advocare with them

Training your own team members

3 way calling

2 on 1 visits


Setting up a booth

*These things have already been figured out for you! You do NOT have to know any ingredients, how products work, when to take products...none of it. Plug into the Success System, do what your sponsor tells you, exactly how they tell you, and you will see the success that has been proven over the past 20 years!

Where ELSE are you going to come into a business where you can completely rely on the products, the science behind them, have one-on-one mentoring, coaching, & training for free, and someone helping you to reach your own dreams & goals?

This is YOUR time to shine!

We have team members living in large and small communities. This opportunity reaches and helps everyone everywhere of every age group! You do NOT have to live near the people you want to help! There are Webinars to plug your prospects into online. There are local events and mixers your prospects can attend.

We are very proud of Team Transformation and what Advocare has done for our family and what it equips us to do AND to be a blessing to others who need freedom.

New Advisors

Antonio Kelly

Anabelle Quandus

Trudy Bouchard

Venessa Moyer

Michael Sanchez

Top Recruiters

Mike & Shawna Dooney ~ 3

Jennifer Glasser ~ 3

Michael Sanchez ~ 2

Venessa Moyer ~ 2

24 Day Challenges

Leigh Fielder ~ 5

Shelby Barboza ~ 3

Bianca Garcia ~ 2

TOP Distributors over 3K earn extra $100 from Cheri

Leigh Fielder

3K Club Earner

Leigh Fielder $7,744.40

Pin Earners - Congratulations goes to:

Chancie Petzold - GOLD LEADERSHIP

Mike & Shawna Dooney - GOLD LEADERSHIP

Pin in Qualification - Congratulations goes to:


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