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Brain Jack: The Movie

Coming up this weekend is the highly anticipated, "Brain Jack: The Movie" that is based based on the book Brain Jack by Brian Faulkner. A story about teenage boy, Sam Wilson, is a mastermind computer hacker, that now has to save everyone from having their brains wiped by a self conscious, computer monstrosity, created by the world themselves. he will have to pull off something incredible to defeat it and save his friends and family that have turned against him by the cyber monster. Lets take a look at some of the starring actors!!!
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NeuroFocus' brand new headset

Check out the new NeuroFocus EEG sensor headset!!! Be just like Sam and his friends, and control your computer, with nothing but a thought!!!

"Don't call it a thinking cap!" - Ursala

Help Wanted: Juvenile Detention

After a prisoner escaped we are trying to recruit new forces for security, especially in the library. Requirements: bench max of 250 lbs or more, experience in security, and Discipline.

Advice Column

Dear Carolyn:

I have an addiction..to nuero headsets... please help me. I don't know what to do anymore.

-Headset High

Dear Headset High:

Oh my... that is a serious problem... please admit yourself o the nearest addiction rehab center and have your mother throw away any devices you have and do not touch another headset for the rest of your life. my best wishes go to you.

-Carolyn Hax.