The Cinematographer

By: Lunna Santos


The cinematographer is a person that works in motion picture photography. He enjoys silent films and watching movies from his large library.

Leisure Time

In his free time he likes to watch movies from his library. At times he likes to sit down on his balconies to observe the street or to find inspiration from the outside world.
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Diller Scodifio + Renfro is a studio founded in 1979 that integrates visual or performing arts of architecture. They are located in the Starret-Lehigh Building in New York City. The studio is led by three individuals Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scodifio, and Charles Renfro they work with administrators, architects, and artists.


My client would enjoy to have a library and a cinema at his/her house. My client enjoys rhythms, patterns, and he/she see the windows as lenses of cameras to view the world around them. There is frequent visit at home and actors coming to stay. The architects shown above inspired me and gave me new ideas to create the diagram and models of the house for my individual.
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The cinematographer borrowed a book from the doctor about eyes because it had a relationship with the camera lenses and the human eye. Ours eyes are able to adapt to the images we are capturing when light comes in through our pupils and back to the optic nerve. Cameras are really similar light passes through lenses back to the film. Even though they are very similar it also has s big difference.


The cinematographer got new inventory in order to make his films with better quality and now it makes it easier for him to manipulate light and shadows around places. He got Diff-users, soft-boxes, and diffusion umbrellas. In the film industry is important to have good quality films and in order to achieve that lighting and shadows play a big role.
He liked a page from one of his favorite silent movies in his Facebook and Twitter.
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My client took a vacation to California exploring and admiring some of his favorite actors and actress in the walk of fame. After a couple of days he went to Universal Studios to enjoy some rides and tours where famous artist have been and to liberate some stress.