Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Service Before Self

“There are those who left the confines of comfort to fight the battles from which they might not return, for to do anything less was to assume that they could do nothing more. And a true patriot will never succumb to the rot of such cowardice.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Week of May 25th - Recovery Phase 2 - Step 1 (Week 4 of 4)

The length of each step within Recovery will vary. It is suggested that each step be at least 4 weeks but may last as long as several months. (25% occupancy ~ < 25 people gathering)

Tuesday, 6:00 PM - Parks & Recreation Board Meeting,

Wednesday, Noon - Chamber West Side Meeting, Chamber Offices

Thursday, 8:30 AM - CFAA Joint Meeting - ZOOM

Thursday, 10:00 AM - Housing Authority

Thursday, 10:00 AM - MML Webinar - Capitalize on Water Improvements

Thursday, 6:00 PM - MML Virtual West Gate Meeting

Friday, 7:30 AM - Council Work Session

Key Project Updates

Chief Reno expresses pride of department's readiness & response to shooting, "This is not a common thing for our town." Public Works commended for Memorial Day preparations, getting Cemeteries ready for visitors. [Funding: GF, Plot sales] Pedrotti working to solve SCADA system failures. [Funding: Water/Sewer] WHY? SCADA provides communications between plants & equipment, sending alarms & turns pumps on/off as needed. Communication gaps can cause towers to overflow or trip a high service pump resulting in low water pressure, as an example. Replacing coax/antennae where needed, correcting failures is ongoing. Community Center is hosting Farmer's Market this summer. WHY? Fitness requires healthy food as fuel. Police completes MARR Communications System. [Funding: CIP] WHY? Officers safety is improved in all areas of town & buildings. Fire moves out of Methodist Church & Community Center. [Funding: NA] WHY? Personnel separated to avoid exposing entire shift to illness. Appreciation to our hosts for accommodating us.

Staff Credits

Fire Chief Paul Tribble has announced his retirement effective June 16th, after 34 years of service with ESFD. Chief Tribble is probably best known for his compassion, giving nature, and community outreach. If you have had the honor of working beside, learning from, or just knowing personally Chief then count yourself as lucky and please join in wishing him the most blessed retirements.

Council Actions

City Council approved reappointment of two Park Board members, Patrick Halfhill and Reggie St. John; approved both a preliminary and final plat for the new Westview School site which defines the public improvements that will be required during construction of the school; approval of a Special Use Permit for old ATT building on Industrial Drive for a 2 year period to enable the sale of nursery items at retail and Appropriations.

Choose Your Attitude!

Fred Tripp, Beloit, WI, while a patient at McCleary Hospital looked out his hospital window & was inspired by the flag flying atop the post office. He painted his inspiration, presenting the painting to the hospital. Motivated by the spirit of patriotism sweeping the country in 1940, McCleary Memorial Hospital produced reproductions, presenting one to each of their former patients all over the US. Distribution had reached the 200,000 mark when WW II broke out.

With the outbreak of war, the demand for the picture increased beyond McCleary's capacity so distribution was turned over to a commercial enterprise. Since that time, it has become the most widely distributed flag picture in the US, with copies hanging in many Washington congressional offices, office of Presidents Truman & Eisenhower, as well as in homes all across the country. The flag pole from which this inspirational flag once hung was moved to Crown Hill Cemetery and dedicated May 26, 1968. Reproductions are available at the ES Museum & Archives.