CSD Breakfast, Lunch Program Update

Free meals for Caldwell School District Students

Update on Nutrition Programs for 2020-21

Caldwell School District Parents & Guardians

We will be providing free breakfasts and lunches to children again.

First, we’ll provide free meals from August 19 to August 26 for children age 1 to 18. No identification required. Details below or watch the video.

When school starts, August 27, we’ll provide free meals for our enrolled students. Identification will be required. Details below or watch the video.

Summer food program Wednesday, August 19 to Wednesday, August 26

We will provide a free “grab and go” breakfast/lunch to all children age 1 to 18. No identification is required to receive meals. Meals will be available from 10 to 11:30 a.m. August 19-21 and August 24-26 at:

  • Lewis and Clark Elementary, 1102 Laster Street

  • Lincoln Elementary, 1200 Grant Street

  • Van Buren Elementary, 3115 Marble Front Road

  • Wilson Elementary, 400 E. Linden St.

  • Caldwell High School, 3401 S. Indiana Ave.

Big picture

2020-21 School breakfast, lunch programs start Thursday, August 27

When school starts Thursday, August 27, our school breakfast and lunch programs will resume at schools. Here’s what to expect as required by federal rules:

  • Free breakfast and lunch are only available for preschool through 12th grade students enrolled in Caldwell School District, including its online only program

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided from 10 to 11:30 a.m. weekdays outside of every school

  • To pick up a meal, the student(s) identification number(s) must be provided by either the student or adult on behalf of the student

  • Meals may be picked up at any school with the student(s) identification number(s)

  • Meals may be bought for children such as brothers or sisters who are not enrolled in the Caldwell School District. The cost is: $6.75 (Breakfast: $2.75 Lunch: $4)

  • Menus are available on the district website.

We appreciate your patience as we move from a summer program to our school programs which have different requirements.