Selena Robinson



Did you know that the word tundra comes from a finnish word that means treeless and barren? Well now you do.


The majority of the tundra biome is located near the North Pole. It is very cold there. How cold? It can get down to -93'F! WOW! That is cold. The weather there is always cold and there are many blizzards.

The Sun Rise

In the arctic tundra, the sun goes right below the horizon for 66 days and stays there from mid November to late January. No wonder its so cold.
The arctic tundras winters are long cold and dark. In the summer there are mild temperatures and sunlight 24 hours.


There is no rain in the tundra biome. This is because it's so cold. It all just freezes into snow, hail, or sleet.

Plant life

There is no plant life in the tundra biome.