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July 2019

Don't just fly - SOAR

I don't know about you, but I can't believe that it's time to start thinking about returning to work. I hope that you have taken time over the summer to detach from work and refresh your mind and your love for teaching. I read a quote the other day, yes from Jon Gordon, that says " We don't get burned out because of what we do. We get burned out because we forget WHY we do it." That quote resonated with me. When I allow myself to get bogged down in the scores, the reports, the conferences, the behavior challenges, etc...I experience burn out. I allow myself to get sidetracked and forget WHY I do what I do. I don't know about you, but I CHOSE this profession a LONG time ago and if I were to go back, I'd choose it again time after time. Yes, it is so much harder now than when I started, but at times I wonder if that's because I'm older than when I started. I find, however, that when I get out of the rut of scores, data crunching, etc...I realize how much I LOVE my job. . Yes, there are still challenges, struggles, hurdles to overcome, but those mountains are much easier to scale when I know WHY I am climbing them. As we come back to work, I want to encourage you to bring your why, put it in a prominent place in your room, and when all those outside things start dragging you down, return to your why. You chose this profession, whether recently or sometime in the past, and if you are still here, you are still choosing this profession. I want us to remember that this year, to focus on positivity. This is the year of POSITIVE! How we talk to our students, how we talk to each other, how we talk to ourselves, and how we feel about our job. This year, I ask you to join me in LOVING your job and CHOOSING to face each day with a positive attitude.

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THIS IS THE YEAR TO INSPIRE...Who will you inspire and what will you inspire them to do?

This Is The Year: Our One Chance Inspire (Inspiring video for new school year)

Welcome new staff/staff changes

Kinder - Andrea DeLaTorre - new Bilingual teacher

First - Maria Zavala - a familiar face coming home - Bilingual teacher

Second - Virydiana Valdez - Bilingual teacher

Third - N. Raya - Bilingual teacher

Fourth - Maria Hernandez - Bilingual teacher

Special Ed - Tanica Emmanuel

Paraprofessional - Charlotte Martin (familiar face with us last year and now permanent)

Dyslexia/RtI - Kim Mize - making us her permanent home


August 6 - Exchange day for teachers ( you must have completed ALL of your safe schools or report to work. Otherwise it will cost you a sick day.)

August 7 - Teachers return to work/Teddy Bear Tea

August 8 - Meet the Teacher

August 9 - All paraprofessionals return to work (no exchange day)

Staff Development Week

Professional staff return to work on August 7th (6th if you haven't completed your Safe Schools videos). Basic schedule will be:

With one day less this year and the addition of a morning at ORHS, we are really short on staff development time this year. Please note that we will not have near as much "planning" time during these few days as we've had in the past.

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Professional staff - when you return on Wednesday, bring your favorite school supply ($5 or less). Make sure you buy yourself as you are not going to keep what you bring!
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At ORE. we are focusing on quality instruction for all students by using:

*Guided Math in the classroom

*Units of Study in Reading and Writing

*Implementing technology into the learning environment

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We are going to make this year a year of growth and focusing on our own learning. Below you will find dates set aside for Staff Development opportunities that will be provided here on campus. In most months, there will be an after school and a during conference time training scheduled. You will need to attend 4 in the fall and 5 in the spring. Topics will be announced by semester and follow our goals of enhancing instruction in the classroom.


10 - after school - celebrating successes

26 - during conference - informal asessment of the whole class


15 - after school - chunking content

31 - during conference - examining similarities and differences


12 -- after school - guided math


10 - after school - generating and defending claims


14 - after school - organizing students to interact

30 - during conference - acknowledging adherence to rules and procedures


11 - after school - use of physical movement

27 - during conference - understanding students' background and interests


17 - after school - asking in-depth questions of reluctant learners

26 - during conference - technology in the classroom, not jut a station


14 - after school

30 - during conference



7 - Staff Development Starts

7 - Teddy Bear Tea

8 - Meet the Teacher

14 - School starts for students


2 - Labor Day Holiday

19 - Title One/Parent Information Night


4 - Fall Pictures

9 - ORHS Homecoming Parade

11 - Storybook Character Day/Early Release

16 - Bosses' Day

17 - Fall Family Night

25 - Boosterthon Kick Off


5 - Boosterthon Fun Run

8 - Third grade program

11 - Staff workday

21 - Group Pictures/Retakes

25 - 29 - Thanksgiving Break


12 - Fourth grade program

19 - Winter parties/Early Release

20 - Jan 5 - Winter Break


6 - Staff Work Day

7 - Staff Development

20 - MLK Holiday

25 - CISD Health Fair


3 - 7 - Counselors' Week

5 - Author visit

14 - Donuts with Dad/Valentine's Day Parties

17 - School holiday/staff inclement weather day

21 - Go Texan Day/Luncheon

28 - Spring Fling Pictures


5 - First grade program

6 - Early Release Day

9 - 13 - Spring Break


1 - Kinder graduation pictures

4 - CISD Job Fair

7 - STAAR writing

10 - School holiday

23 - ExplOREtorium Night


1 - Second grade program

4 - 8 - Teacher and Nurse Appreciate Week

8 - Muffins with Mom

11 - STAAR Math

12 - STAAR Reading

22 - Fun Day/EOY Parties

25 - Memorial Day Holiday

26 - Kinder Graduation

27 - Fourth grade graduation

28 - Last day of school/early release

29 - Staff work day