Advisor Update September 2016

SkillsUSA Michigan

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a great summer. The first Advisor Update of the year is always a big one, lots of good stuff to tell you about, so I have broken this into three sections along with few important notes up front:

  • Announcements
  • Fall 2016
  • Winter 2017


2016-2016 State Officers

Congratulations to the new 2016-2017 State Officers. I look forward to their leadership this year.

  • President - Tyler Richardson, Genesee Career Institute, Advisor – Carrie Warning
    • Vice President - Olivia Martin, Mecosta-Osceola Career Center, Advisor – Linda Ward
    • Secretary - Christina Hiotaky, Oakland Schools Technical Center SE Campus, Advisor – Angie Haley
    • Treasurer - Shanttel Gonsalves, Saginaw Career Complex, Advisors - Julie Ivan and Aaron Gaertner
    • Reporter - Abby Beyer, Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center, Advisor – MaryEllen Brocklehurst
    • Parliamentarian - Dearius Keller, Randolph Career and Technical Center, Advisor – Matt Bracey
    • Historian - Ka'Tonya Jenkins, Saginaw Career Complex, Advisors - Julie Ivan and Aaron Gaertner
    • Sergeant-at-Arms - Jackson Rohn, Kent Career Technical Center, Advisor – Alane Rozelle

    The State Officers have already met several times this year for training and to prepare for the Fall Leadership Conference. In July, they traveled to Lansing to meet with legislators from the Michigan House Education Committee, the State Superintendent and the Michigan Talent Investment Agency. They also participated in a Community Service Project at Giving Tree Farm. More photos of all these events are posted at

    SkillsUSA Michigan at 2016 National Conference

    SkillsUSA Michigan had great showing at the 2016 National Leadership and Skills Conference held on June 20-25, 2016 in Louisville, KY. SkillsUSA Michigan was represented by 214 students, advisors, and guests from 39 High School and College/PostSecondary chapters.

    SkillsUSA Michigan received a total of 33 medals, including 12 national champions. SkillsUSA Michigan also had 63% of our contestants place in the top 10 in their contest in the country.

    The national medalists from Michigan are below. Photos of all the medalists are available at


    3-D Visualization and Animation – High School

    · Steven Szalanski, Melanie Mrozek, The Utica Center for Science & Industry

    3-D Visualization and Animation – College/Postsecondary

    · Dana Kedzior, Rob Rudaitis, Macomb Community College

    Automotive Refinishing Technology – College/Postsecondary

    · Wyatt Knick, Washtenaw Community College

    CNC Milling Specialist – High School

    · Jacob Hisscock, Saint Clair TEC

    CNC Technician – High School

    · Matthew Pringle, Saint Clair TEC

    CNC Turning Specialist – High School

    · Kyle Mueller, Saint Clair TEC

    Early Childhood Education – High School

    · Kennedy Clyde, Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

    HVACR – College/Postsecondary

    · Ryan Gallagher, Ferris State University

    Job Interview – High School

    · Landry Shorkey, Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

    Job Skill Demonstration Open – College/Postsecondary

    · Bryce Sinclair, Macomb Community College


    American Spirit – High School

    · Grant Fry, Bay Arenac ISD Career Center

    Automated Manufacturing Technology – College/Postsecondary

    · Tyler Cook, Andrew Ketchum, Elijah Buist, Ferris State University

    Collision Repair Technology – High School

    · Tyler Stroup, Saginaw Career Complex

    Digital Cinema Production – High School

    · Dominic Krupp, Reid Riley, Kent Career/Tech Center

    Screen Printing Technology – High School

    · Lauren Lahie, S & W Washtenaw Consortium

    TeamWorks – High School

    · Gavin Vanoosterhout, Kyle Schmitzer, Jack Gilmour, Chandler Robbins, Bay Arenac ISD Career Center


    Automated Manufacturing Technology – High School

    · Phillip Burtell, Nicholas Kurgin, Matt Hargrove, S & W Washtenaw Consortium

    Diesel Equipment Technology – High School

    · Ryan Meppelink, Careerline Tech Center

    Esthetics – College/Postsecondary

    · Patricia Kachaterian, Mecosta Osceola Career Center

    Internetworking – High School

    · Matthew Schuster, Lapeer County Ed Tech Center

    Plumbing – High School

    · Tristan VanDyken, Careerline Tech Center

    Restaurant Service – College/Postsecondary

    · Rebecca Deslippe, Oakland Community College-Orchard Ridge Campus

    Welding – College/Postsecondary

    · Jeffrey Cejmer, Washtenaw Community College

    Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center Student Receives WLTI Scholarship

    Abby Beyer, a Criminal Justice student at Eaton RESA Career Preparation Center in Lansing, has received one of four nationwide SkillsUSA Student Leadership Development Scholarships to attend the SkillsUSA Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI) in Washington, DC on September 17-21, 2016. Abby currently serves as the 2016-2017 SkillsUSA Michigan State Reporter. Her advisor is MaryEllen Brocklehurst.

    SkillsUSA School Logo

    Get your own SkillsUSA logo! All chapters are now able to get a customized SkillsUSA logo for their school. Let me know and I will have the National Office make one for you.

    The same graphic standards apply as for the national and state logos. The standards are spelled out at Please refer to this document for further details on the permitted uses.

    Community Service Projects

    Have your chapter’s Community Service Project highlighted in the SkillsUSA Michigan newsletter and on the SkillsUSA Michigan web site! Send a short summary of your project and any photo(s) to Your Community Service Project will be added to the next newsletter and posted on our web site and Facebook page for all to see!

    Fall 2016

    2016-2017 Membership Dues

    The 2016-2017 membership dues are:

    Student: $14.00 = $8.00 (national) and $6.00 (state)

    Professional: $26.00 = $20.00 (national) and $6.00 (state)

    2016-2017 Membership Kits

    All advisors with members last year should have received the 2016-2017 membership kit in the mail by now. If you did not receive a membership kit, please let me know and I will have one sent to you.

    2016-2017 Membership Registration Deadlines

    November 15, 2016 is the deadline for your initial membership registration to be submitted to the National Office to be able to receive all four issues of Champions Magazine and free teacher items. All rosters are to be submitted online at Schools are encouraged join by November 15, 2016 in order to ensure full membership services for the year, including all mailings and magazines.

    January 15, 2017 is the deadline for your final membership registration to be submitted to the National Office. All students must be paid members of SkillsUSA Michigan by January 15, 2017 in order to participate in regional, state and national competitions and/or conferences. If you have any questions/concerns about this deadline, please contact me!

    All membership registrations must be submitted online at Paper rosters are discouraged. Please make sure that all membership checks are sent directly to the National Office. When registering, be sure to also register your section under the specific program name, not just Mixed Training. This information is very helpful to the national office in determining what programs are at what schools.

    2017 Membership Incentives - SkillsUSA Michigan is encouraging each chapter to increase their membership this year. Each chapter that submits their membership by the due date listed below will qualify for the following incentive(s). Membership MUST be submitted online at by the due dates in order to meet the requirements.

    Membership Increase by November 1, 2016

    • For every five member increase over last year’s membership, the chapter will receive one free registration to the Fall Leadership Conference, a $30 value.
    • Both student and professional members are included in the chapter’s total membership.
    Membership Increase by January 15, 2017
    • For every five member increase over last year’s membership, the chapter will receive one entry into the drawing for a SkillsUSA blazer, a $118 value.
    • Both student and professional members are included in the chapter’s total membership.
    • Drawing will be held at the State Leadership and Skills Conference in April.
    • Chapters that qualified for the November 1, 2016 incentive will also be eligible.

    SkillsUSA Michigan Week

    SkillsUSA Michigan Week is celebrated the third week of October each year and SkillsUSA Michigan Week gives chapters, advisors and student members the opportunity to promote SkillsUSA Michigan programs and activities at the local level. The State Officers will have special posts our Facebook page at

    During SkillsUSA Michigan week, members can also help raise awareness of SkillsUSA. This can be accomplished through membership drives, field trips to local businesses, an open house for parents or industry partners, a visit to local community organizations to make a brief presentation about SkillsUSA Michigan, or providing news releases and public service announcements to local media outlets for possible distribution. More information is available at

    2016 New Advisor Workshop

    SkillsUSA Michigan is pleased to offer assistance in establishing your chapter by holding a New Advisor Workshop on October 5, 2016, at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. This workshop is for teachers who have been a SkillsUSA advisor for 2 years or less. There is a $40.00 registration fee per participant. The fee will cover lunch, materials, useful resources for new chapters. The registration form is available on our web site at Space is limited so please send or fax your registration form ASAP!

    2016-2017 SkillsUSA Michigan Theme

    The SkillsUSA Michigan theme for the 2016-2017 year is A Gateway to Lifelong Success. This is the theme for the State Conference Program Cover Contest.

    2016 Fall Leadership and Professional Development Conference

    The Fall Leadership and Professional Development Conference is a great way to kick off your year and to motivate your members to have a great year with SkillsUSA Michigan. The conference is a combination of team building activities and breakout sessions on SkillsUSA with special professional development sessions specifically for advisors. The early registration fee for the conference is $30.00 per participant (students and advisors) and includes registration materials, and lunch.

    The State Fall Leadership Conference is November 1, 2016 at the Lansing Center in Lansing. Registration is as follows. More information is available at An electronic registration form will be used, so please read the instructions carefully! Faxed or mailed forms will not be accepted!

    • Early Registration deadline – October 7, 2016
    • Final Registration deadline – October 21, 2016

    Advisor Welcome Back Letter and Information Form

    All active advisors will receive a Welcome Back letter and an Advisor Information Form in the US mail in September. Please review your Advisor Information Form for accuracy, make any corrections and fax it back to the state office this month. This form is also available on our web site at Be sure we have your correct email address! Over 95% of our communication will be submitted electronically via email and the Internet.

    Advisor Mentoring Program

    SkillsUSA Michigan is looking for experienced advisors who are willing serve as a mentor to a new SkillsUSA advisor. The mentor will assist the new advisor with understanding SkillsUSA polices, events and activities. The mentor's role includes:

    1. Talking to the new advisor by phone at least once each month.
    2. Answer questions regarding SkillsUSA and their program.
    3. Visiting the new advisor's school at least once.
    4. Providing the new advisor with an opportunity to visit your school.
    5. Assist the new advisor with registrations and due dates.
    6. Assist the new advisor with all necessary paperwork.
    7. Assist the new advisor with the Regional, State and National Conferences.
    8. Provide input and structure for the continuation of the program.

    Interested individuals should complete the Advisor Mentoring Program Form and return it to the state office. The list of mentors will be posted on our web site. More information is available on our web site at

    2016-2017 Technical Standards

    Starting this year, the 2016-2017 Technical Standards are free with your professional membership. It will be available online and you will receive a code via email in order to access them.

    2017 Technical Committee Nomination Form

    All advisors must have a business and industry sponsor to serve as a member of a technical committee. This is in an effort to get more business and industry representatives on the technical committees. While this policy has been in place for new advisors since 2008, this is now required for ALL advisors. ALL advisors will need to re-apply every year. The 2017 membership form is due no later than October 1, 2016 and is posted on our web site at

    Advisor Manual Inserts

    2016-2017 Advisor Manual inserts will be sent to all Lead Advisors that had a SkillsUSA Michigan chapter last year. The inserts cover all SkillsUSA Michigan information your school will need for the coming school year. It is also available on our web site at Please replace the old pages with the new ones!

    2017 Intent to Compete Form

    If your school intends to compete in 2017, please fill out the 2017 Intent to Compete form! This form is a critical component of the planning and scheduling of regional and state competitions. The deadline is October 31, 2016. This form is now electronic and failure to return this form via email by the due date may result in your school not being allowed to compete in some events, or some events not being offered on the regional and/or state level. It is available on our web site at

    Winter 2017

    2016-2017 Competition Theme

    The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2016-2017 year is SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Preparing America’s Skilled Workforce. This is the theme for the Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board contests. More information is available at

    2017 State Conference Program Cover Contest

    The SkillsUSA Michigan 2017 State Conference Program Cover Contest is now available on our web site at All SkillsUSA members are encouraged to participate. All designs must be sent via US mail to the State Office and received no later than January 13, 2017. The winner will be invited to the State Conference and each will receive a gold medal.

    2017 State National Anthem Contest

    A SkillsUSA Michigan member will be selected to sing the National Anthem acapella at the Friday Opening General Session on April 7, 2017 at the State Conference. Interested members must submit an audition CD or flash drive of them singing the National Anthem in order to be considered. Student must be a current member of SkillsUSA Michigan and must pay the State Conference registration fee. All audition CDs or flash drive must be sent via US mail to the State Office and received no later than January 13, 2017. More information is available on our web site at

    New Advisor Workshop

    Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 9:30am-2:30pm

    900 Oakwood Street

    Ypsilanti, MI

    Fall Leadership Conference

    Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 9am-2:30pm

    333 East Michigan Avenue

    Lansing, MI

    State Leadership and Skills Conference

    Friday, April 7th 2017 at 12pm to Sunday, April 9th 2017 at 12pm

    Grand Rapids, MI, United States

    Grand Rapids, MI

    National Leadership and Skills Conference

    Monday, June 26th 2017 at 9am to Saturday, July 1st 2017 at 9am

    Louisville, KY, United States

    Louisville, KY