Ktopia's Bioethics

The Kaz Counsel decreed that bio gel was illegal on Feb,5.

60% or more.

The country of Ktopia says that people have to be at least 60% human to be treated with human rights. Any less and they can be subject to in-humane treatment. "Some would say that this is harsh, but we can't have people living forever!", said chairman charles wodbark.


If you were to be Caught...

If someone was to be caught harboring a Biogelbeing, they would be punished. With 30 years in the federal prison. The being would be subject to deprogramming. Biogel is an evil device that could be used to make bad people invincible. Think of a war were nobody ever died. Think about what that would do to the world. This must be done.

In a Biogel World

If Biogel was legal the poor would die and the rich would not. There would be to species of beings and the biogel kind could rule the humans. This could be the end of the human race. Some things just aren't meant to be meddled with.

Biogel Uses

The only way our governments would use biogel is if they were recieving an organ transplant. The organ would have to be fed by biogel. In the old days of the U.S.A. cloning of animals was legal with a government permit. Now cloning is unethical in every single way possible.

Jenna Foxes World

Cloning is illegal in Jenna foxe's world as it is in ours. Also there is an organization called the F.S.E.B.. Our government doesn't have that, but the government itself takes care of all bioethics problems. If the counsel of Kaz decrees that Biogel is legal. The military will take over and make Ktopia a dictatorship.

Old world U.S.A.

Cloning in old World U.S.A. was illegal for these reasons. Who would be the parent of these clones. Would they have feelings. would they receive any love. These questions and the answers corrupted their society and made it into the twisted dictatorship it is today.

old world to Jenna's world

Jenna's world Allys said that cloning and biogel was illegal. She said that it was unethical. The F,S.E.B. will stop violations of the laws of bioethics.
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