Why We Need It

Facts about Fluorine

fluorine is a posinouis yellow gas. it is most reactive element in the periodic table. although it does not react with air.

atomic Number: 9

Atomic Weight: 18.9984032

Melting Point: 53.53 K (-219.62°C or -363.32°F)

Boiling Point: 85.03 K (-188.12°C or -306.62°F)

Density: 0.001696 grams per cubic centimeter

Phase at Room Temperature: Gas

Element Classification: Non-metal

Period Number: 2 Group Number: 17 Group Name: Halogen

Why we need flurione

Fluorine is added to city water supplies in the proportion of about one part per million to help prevent tooth decay. Sodium fluoride , stannous, fluoride and sodium monofluorophosphate are all fluorine compounds added to toothpaste, also to help prevent tooth decay. even though this isnt used in our bodies Hydrofluoric acid is used to etch glass, including most of the glass used in light bulbs. since the 1930s fluriode has been added to cities water supplies to prevent tooth decay. just after 10 years dentist started noticing that in these cities tooth decay went down almost 54 percent. Fluoride prevents us from demineralization which is when bacteria in the mouth combine with sugars they produce acid. This acid can erode tooth enamel and damage our teeth. Fluoride can protect teeth from demineralization that is caused by the acid.

Too much Too little

What happens if you have too little fluorine? Inadequate fluoride intakes result in an increased risk of tooth decay. Symptoms may include visible pits or holes on the teeth and toothaches can happen.

What Happens if you have too much? Fluoride is toxic when consumed in excessive amounts. Large doses consumed at one time could result in nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting.

benefits of fluorine

Several people, especially those at higher risk of tooth decay, benefit from fluoride treatment. This includes individuals who have
  • Snacking habits
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • No (or little) access to a dentist
  • Diets that are high in sugars/carbohydrates
  • Bridges, crowns, braces, and other restoration procedures
  • A history of tooth decay (cavities)

Benefits of Fluoride
The Benefits of Water Fluoridation?


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