Help us End Starvation

Zaryab Waheed, Dromo Ocquaye & Mercedes Jimenez

Protest To End starvation

Friday, Feb. 19th, 5am

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

Join us in a march to end world hunger by protesting at the White House. We will demand change in the laws to allow the excess food that America produces to be sent to those in need.

Why Should You Care?

We cannot stand by and act like innocent bystanders when a travesty is happening on a daily basis worldwide. If your neighbor was starving you would help them wouldn't you? the same should apply for people across the world!


35 thousand children die each day from hunger and hunger related illnesses. These 13 million annual deaths can end, if society initiates already known solutions to the issues of ending hunger.
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Tony was a victim of child hunger. He was born into a poor family of 7 and typically didn't eat much . His family never had sufficient food. Scientists all around the world can agree that hunger can be stopped if we started managing our resources effectively and cut down on waste.