Dragon Points


Wow!!! It has been awhile since I have done a Dragon Points but lets catch up on several items.

Dragon Time

As reported by Mr. Harvey, we are looking at a new daily schedule for next year with 8 periods every day and a Dragon Time every day. It is time to start preparing for the best way to use Dragon Time. If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please email Mrs. Brown by Friday, March 18th. This committee will work on the calendar for Dragon Time - what should be taught the first nine weeks and updating the Second Step Lessons to meet the needs of our students. Caveat....Fire Team will be handling the rules and procedures that maintain the functionality of school.

HR Notes


If staff members wish to transfer, they simply need to contact campus principals who have vacancies posted. Human Resources is not maintaining a list or delivering notice of intent inquiring about those desires. I may be just a foolish dreamer, But I don't care Cause I know my happiness is waiting. Out there somewhere.


Human Resources is no longer maintaining transcripts as a record for re-distribution to staff. Please maintain a copy for your files or contact your college or university.

Odds and Ends

  • Dress Code: Send students wearing bandanas and tails to the office.
  • Take accurate attendance during the first ten minutes of class.
  • Students who attend morning tutoring need to stay with the tutoring teacher until 8:38.
  • If an adult is walking around the building and they do not have an LISD badge or visitor badge, please escort them to the front office.

Just Say "No"

Every school has someone who tries to be the "cool" teacher. The teacher that allows students to hang out in their room before, during, and after school. I have stated more than once that it is important to build relationships with students, but please remember that students are people and will take advantage of the "cool" teacher and will avoid the classes and teachers they need to see the most. So, if you are allowing students to hang out with you during a time that they should be in another class or if you're writing passes to groups of students "because you like them," just say "No" to this policy.


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